Which law?

When we see lions devouring a poor gazelle and wolves tasting a meek sheep, we instantly think about their physical superiority. We infer that the strongest animal imposes his law on the weakest. Yet we are touched when we watch those pictures usually called "cat images". The social networks are flooded with pictures and videos that show moving scenes staging animals which are usually enemies. Our heart melts when the predator delicately caresses its potential prey. How can it be?

Recent studies have revealed that when the resources are scarce then the species cooperate to support each others. Does it mean that plants and animals are nice to each others? Do they have an inborn sense of compassion for others? I don't think so. We humans look forward to stick emotions here and there when it's simply a matter of natural rules operating. It appears that when the resources are abundant then the species become more selfish and compete to monopolize as much as they can. Animals and plants have one and only on basic concern : to live. It is this logical that they support each others when shortage occurs.

The natural being knows that its neighbour owns what it misses. Their abilities are complementary. If the neighbour passes away then the precious aid vanishes. When the resources are scarce, one must help its neighbour stay alive in order to save oneself. When the resources are abundant then each being tries to monopolize as much as possible to maximize its chances of survival if starvation ever occurs in the future. Competition thus replaces mutual support. When room, board, health, security and caring affection are bountifully poured upon them, animals tend to confide and let live. Some of them can even let go on their survival reflexes which turn out to be useless. Joyfull friendship replaces both mutual support and competition.

The law of the strongest doesn't exist in nature. This is just a strictly human perversion that only applies in our fantasies and our societies. Within actual nature the beings that belong the plant and animal reigns have a single law : to unfold their life. The human is the only one to be so altered that it feels the need to display and use its strength. Why do fauna and flora operate in such a logical and sustainable way while the human revels in destruction and self-destruction?

I only see one difference that is likely to explain this fact. The natural beings are subjected to the laws of nature. Their choices are defined and bounded by natural laws. Humans however set the own operating rules. We know too well the perverse effect of this permissiveness : widespread cheating. The humans can enforce the laws that suit them at the expense of others. The can openly violate the laws that impede their ambitions. They can play out the comedy of respect and secretly divert the agreement that has been reached for the best.

To operate so badly, one must resort to strength and lies. In order to ease the consciences which are scandalized by such depravity, the human pretends to be driven by so-called natural instincts : "We are not to be blamed, the strongest always imposes its law on the weakest. Look at the lion and the gazelle. That's the proof". Such impropriety! The satiated lion somersaults next to the remaining gazelles, while the ever starving human never gives rest to anyone nor anything. The lioness protects the cubs and the lions protect their clan. Men rape the children and exterminate their own species. How dare anyone use nature in bad faith as a pretext?

For our life to be as fair, sustainable and logical as the natural beings one, we need a superior principle to organise and regulate our operations. If the frames are set and watched by a force that is far more superior than us then it becomes impossible to cheat. How come that nature didn't fit us with a regulation just like it did with the other beings? Deep inside we feel the lack. Vultarks take advantage of that gaping hole. Some settle systems called "political", "economical", "traditional", for us to subscribe to unfair rules under the threat of social chaos. Others pretend to be appointed by forces that are superior, supernatural, universal, divine to impose superhuman laws, under the threat of irrational curses in the life or the afterlife.

Given the fact that inequity end violence are spreading as the world become more and more wealthy, we can infer that no current system is able to compensate our organisational defect. The question remains. Why are we deprived from natural supervision? What can nature provide us with to harmonise our collective existence?

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