Symbolism of gender

Currently, the masculine is represented by an arrow coming out of a ball, the feminine is represented by a cross that also comes out of a ball. I never really understood the meaning of these 2 patterns. Recently, while I was drawing little things from here and there, I realized that by adding a 2nd ball, the masculine symbol has a rather simplistic meaning.

masfemIn these conditions, the feminine symbol also has a rather simplistic meaning. The feminine is considered as a male phallus which would be cut, something mutilated, a kind of incomplete and suffering thing.

I cannot help thinking that the symbols traditionally used to represent the masculine and feminine are phallocrat images, which give off hints of barely disguised patriarchy, intended to exalt the man and demean the woman.

But it turns out that the masculine is not the man and the feminine is not the woman. The masculine and feminine are operation modes that unfold in every animate or inanimate beings. The masculine expresses needs, wants, it seeks. The feminine answers, it fills, it finds. If no one needs anything then nothing happens, there is no reason to think or act, no emotion. If no one can meet the need, nothing happens either because we wear out in an endless search. When it is alone, the masculine is frustrated. When it is alone, the feminine is useless. When they meet and collaborate, new things are created, that which exists is changed or maintained, that which has no reason to exist anymore is destroyed.


I find it interesting to fit the schema above into the simplistic symbols currently used to represent the masculine and the feminine.

mas errfem errThe arrow of the masculine moves away from the small bubble, it has no chance to find what it is looking for.

The feminine is blocked by a vertical bar, it is unlikely to reach its destination.



According to me, these 2 symbols seem not so appropriate to describe a concept as broad as gender. All the movements that we see around us arise from gender. In order to occur, attraction necessarily requires at least 2 elements, heading toward one another by reason of the interactions and combinations that they can form. This principle is equally true for humans, for electricity, for gravity, for atmospheric pressure, for the sap flowing in the trees ... All attraction phenomena are based on systems of emptiness and fullness that compensate each others.

I kept going on with my little drawings until I found something that seems meaningful to symbolize the masculine and the feminine.

masculinefeminineThe masculine is looking for something, it doesn't know where to find what is missing so it is open to all opportunities, it listens carefully, it observes in all directions and tries any experience that is within its range. A star can properly represent this random quest.

The feminine finds what is sought, it creates it if necessary, it removes the barriers if there are any. It knows what to do at the right time, it knows where to go and how to proceed. An arrow can properly represent the way to go in order to stop wandering.

What is cool with these symbols is that when combined together to represent the collaboration between masculine and feminine, the result is very relevant. The masculine seeks, the feminine finds. The isolated masculine wanders in vain like a piece of wood tossed by the river, struck by all the rocks it meets. The isolated feminine points anywhere like a defective compass or a weather vane in a hurricane. Together, they are cue to one another, they give a constructive sense to things.


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