There is monarchy, imperialism, communism, dictature ... Democracy seems to be currently the least worst governance method. Yet there is an urgent need for something else. What we wrongly call "democracy" cannot last forever, it's plain to see that it will collapse one day or another.

There are three root cause to explain its instability.

Nation is artificial

Human beings usually develop ties according to their affinities or their interests.

What is a country ? It is a fictitious fence that arbitrarily delineates a piece of land. The people who live in the compouds of the paddock are required to be the best friends ever even if they have nothing in common. Their consent is meaningless.

Various strategies are implemented to help them achieve the impossible. For instance there are symbols and measures aiming at creating an artificial common identity like the country's and inhabitants name, the flag, the motto, the national anthem, the tongue, the glorious past filled with fictious or genuine heroes ...

Sport holds a huge place in media. It is indeed one of the few events that automatically strengthen national unity. Victory allows to claim : "Our country is the best because it has fucked all the others, I belong to this country therefore I'm the best". It generate a feeling of national pride, even if the pride of a country  is based on the humiliation of the others.

Nation is ovesized

It is not always easy to take care of a family. It is hard to manage a village with a few hundred inhabitants. What about a nation which gathers several millions of souls ? It is unmanageable.

A set of laws must be elaborated to manage the country. But the population is so big that the enforcement requires to set complicated processes and to hire state agents, who are never sufficient in number. Complexity increases the confusion and brings lack of transparency. It develops injustice and fosters corruption. The country wears itself out in hatching laws that the leaders subvert as soon as they can for their own advantage. The population also works on violating the laws as often as they can to improve their lifestyle.

Even withe the most honest and devoted politicians ever, even with the most compliant population ever, it is impossible to properly operate a nation. The inhabitants are too numerous, it is impossible to design operating rules that are fair for each and everyone. The laws which benefit some groups do necessarily penalise other groups. Each group thus tries to leverage the nation's policy according to its own interest, at the expense of others.

Nation is violent

The various lobbying groups are in conflict with one another. The inhabitants are angry with their political class. Mistrust lies behind the relationship between the inhabitants. Paranoia slips into the bond between the administration and the citizen. Tension underlies daily relations.

As cohabitation is not smooth, violence is often used to convince the reluctant ones that they are wrong, even when their concern is definitely justified. Every government has a repression feature that strikes fear or even terror. In "nice" countries one is afraid of the policeman. In "nasty" countries one is afraid of torture and summary executions. Violence Violence enforces the laws.

Whether in sport or any other domain, countries are in competion one against the others. International tension let all populations live in the fear of a global scale conflict.

Are we really forced to operate with such oversized artificial countries ? Yes ! The minutest peace of land that is free is swiftly invaded by heavily armed (white) conquerors. The local population is exterminated to wipe the place clean before settling down. The invaders then hastily set the borders, the name, the flag, the anthem, the laws ... to avoid being robbed of the territory by other (white) conquerors, with much heavier weaponry.

We consider that such an exensive use of violence usually features criminal activities. How come that goverments equally resort to such methods ? What is the difference between a mafia and a government ? Answer : it is legality.

The mafia delineates a territory and takes money from the inhabitants by promising to protect them. So does the government, it's called "taxes".

The mafia takes a part of the merchants profits by promising to make them prosper. So does the government, it's called "contribution".

The mafia leads a lavish lifetyle thanks to the collected money. So does the government, it's called "running costs"

The mafia hires henchmen to do the dirty job, in particular to punish the reluctant inhabitants. So does the government, it's called "army", "police", "gendarmerie" ...

The mafia does strives to rake in money. Everything  and anything is for sale, even if it means destroying the territory and its inhabitants. So does the government, it's called "economy", "finance", "industry" ...

The mafia makes war or builds alliances with the other mafia groups to expand its territory, influence or activities. So does the government, it's called "geopolitics".

The mafia invests a lot in philantropic activities because helping the disadvantaged people allows to have their support and to contain the protests of the inhabitants. So does the government, it's called "social measures".

The mafia indulges in patronage because promoting artists allow to look smart et refined, in order to conceal the ambient violence. So does the government, it's called "patronage" or "culture".

The mafia subverts the laws to get rich. So do potiticians, but as they are also make the laws, they do what they can for their wrongdoings to be legal, even though it scandalizes the people.

The democratic government operates just like a legal mafia. Wihtout legality, the deeds of an organisation are considered as wrong. However, as soon as the "certified legal" label is obtained, everything that is done is good. Violence, embezzlement, lies, manipulation, racketeering, threat, blackmail, corruption, injustice, murders, genocides ... all is justified because respect for legality prevails over respect for life.

In such a murky context we talk about "democracy". This word comes from Greek. "Demos" : people. "Kratos" : power. Power to the people. What power ?

The people has the right to vote. It means that the inhabitants can choose the chief who will lead the legal mafia of their territory. Given the fact that the nation is oversized, the vote suits a part of the population whereas the other part is obliged to accept a leader that it doesn't acknowledge at all. The vote thus gives way to tensions and discontent in the powerless population facing the polls verdict.

What kind of power do the people have when the election is over ? The power to submit meekly to the laws, even if they are unfair. The "power" to pay all kinds of taxes. The "power" to see one's life scattered by the legislative engine when one's life doesn't fit well into the formatted boxes and frames. The "power" to udergo repression when the ruling power is politicaly challenged. Power ? How can we be made to believe that forced obedience is power ?

In Latin "legis" means "law". From here comes the word "legal". Therefore a legal system is an operation that imposes its law. The law of the strongest. The strongest smashes the weakest and all the others must bend. Why ? Because it's legal, it's the law, it's the rule, that's the way it is, period. Legality replaces common sense. Legality is the magical word that makes oppression legitimate. Legality is the bleach that whitewashes the crimes.

As the so called "democracy" is only about obeying laws, we'd rather say that we live under legicracy. It is the law, not the people, that gives power. Legality is tailor-made. The great African dictators have well grasped the concept. Whenever they want to do something objectionable, they change the law, so that their actions become automatically legal just by writing a few words. In western countries economy and finance power mongers dictate the laws. The governments comply in exchange for little confidential gifts. That's the magic of legicracy.

In legicracy, the law is the spine on which everyone must grip, even if we disagree. We are required to submit to laws, even when they hinder our life. Maybe one fine day we will reach the true democracy. The true people will have the true power to take care of their true life autonomously and to operate straight with one another without any dubious middleman.

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