Blacks slavery

When I was a little girl, our school teacher told us about the slave trade. Whites were coming to Africa in boats to catch hundreds of blacks. They were packed in the ships holds. The boats were crossing the ocean. They were making a short stop in the islands to replenish supplies and were heading to America to sell blacks as slaves. 60 million blacks have thus crossed the globe, this is why there are plenty of them in America. The conditions of detention were inhumane therefore some were dying during the trip.

This story shocked me. A few months ago, the teacher had said that the crossing of the ocean was a risky trip. In addition to storms, food and hygiene were deplorable, it happened that the sailors became seriously ill and died. They mostly drank alcohol, probably because the water stagnated during the many months of navigation, it doesn't remain drinkable for long.

If sailors die on the deck of the boat, how can humans survive in the holds? They lived in their own excrement, surrounded by rotting corpses, no light, no space to move, with little air to breathe, no water to wash... How could they reach the destination, fresh as daisies, in a shape brilliant enough to convince the rich farmers that they were strong workers? Within my frightened childish head, I thought that either the whites are weak couch potatoes because they die despite idyllic living conditions or blacks are superhuman because they survive several months in dreadful conditions.

Time has passed. Now I see a spiritual current blossoming. It seems that the american indians were an immensely wise people. The depth of their culture is without equal, they are the guardians of highly spiritual traditions. Yet when I was little, I was told that the indians used to attack trains and stagecoaches. I was told that they used to dig up the hatchet to go scalping their enemies. "To scalp" doesn't mean cutting the hair, it is about taking off the scalp from the skull with a knife. They used to tie their enemies to poles and to burn them alive. When playing cowboys and indians, it is to pretend killing each other, not to converse metaphysically. What is wrong?

Fortunately, I recently came across documentaries and websites which have taught me that the american indians are mongols from Siberia and archaeological excavations have uncovered negroid skulls in America. These human remains are largely predate the arrival of the mongols. Sounds better. I have imagined a fiction about slavery, to get rid of the nonsenses of history, eagerly waiting for the truth to finally come out.

Initially America was populated with blacks. They were a rather peaceful people, rather sedentary, full of wisdom. They did not build impressive monuments or huge cities because this kind of stuff is often the mark of conquering peoples, who want to leave traces of their arrogant journey on earth and concentrate populations up to generate power and wealth, by intensively exploiting humans like cattle. Blacks lived peacefully in small communities, feeding mainly on farming and gathering, perhaps also livestock and fishing.

Mongols came from Siberia. They were a nomadic people, rather warriors, mastering horse riding. Both peoples inspired each other but each kept their culture because their lifestyles were radically different. Mongols were living mainly on hunting and fishing, so they were moving permanently to follow the herds migration.

And then the europeans came. At the beginning they negotiated wealth. Indians are rather warriors, so they were offered guns and alcohol in exchange for lands that they did not care about, for they were nomads. Blacks are rather peaceful, so they were offered aesthetic objects in exchange for the lands they used to cultivate. The deal likely implied that they kept on working on their lands, except that instead of consuming all the products, they had to give some parts to the europeans. The fact that they were paid with pretty objects without economical value is not a sign of stupidity. This shows that these people were more attached to beauty than material possessions. Art certainly occupied a prominent place in their daily lives.

Europeans quickly became invasive, more demanding, more greedy, less respectful. Indian warriors responded with violence. They were genocided. The survivors were imprisoned in concentration camps called "reserves". Black pacifists were gradually forced to give without receiving anything in return. The land they were cultivating to feed became their prison. They now worked as slaves to enrich their oppressors. Their houses were confiscated, destroyed, turned into farms, industries, cities.

Boats were regularly commuting to carry all the new wealth between continents. They were leaving Europe, fully loaded with western goods. They were then going to Africa to sell and buy goods. They were buying some slaves there. They were sailing to the islands to buy and sell goods. They were selling the african slaves. They were making their way to America to buy and sell goods. They were taking the opportunity to capture some blacks. They were returning to the islands to buy and sell goods. They were selling the black americans. Finally they were heading at Europe to sell exotic goods. This "triangular", or rather quadragular trade was generating a lot of money.

Being from different continents, the slaves on the islands had completely different cultures and mindsets, the communication between them was difficult. They only had the language of their owners in their attempt to connect to each others. This gave birth to various creoles.

When slavery became a subject of controversy in America, the european descendants decided to falsify history and make false documents in order to convince blacks that they were coming from Africa. Indeed, the indians were few in number and of nomadic origin, they weren't posing any political risk. On the contrary, blacks were as numerous, perhaps even more numerous than whites, they could have claimed the confiscated land back and seek damages.

Believing that they came from Africa, gave them the feeling of being foreigners in America. Repairing the damage would have logically require to take them back to their so-called original continent. From a practical point of view, it was of course impossible to do so. Thus whites became like tolerant hosts, who were doing blacks a favor by hosting them as immigrants, for want of a better solution. Instead of seeing the present and looking to the future, blacks turned their eyes to a nonexistent nostalgic past. They began to dream of illusory roots, which don't even fit their actual state of mind. All attempts at reconciliation between black Africa and black America have been ephemeral because they are completely opposite people, trying to believe that they are identical.

Nowadays, all means are called upon to perpetuate the political lie. The culture of black americans is soaked in fantasies about Africa. Unscrupulous laboratories rip off blacks by selling them genetic tests, which supposedly determine their so-called country of origin. The spiritual world assigns to indians the wisdom and spirituality that they have only scratched by entertaining with blacks. Islanders believe that they came from Africa while they are miscegenated. Their black ancestors are half american, half african and the cohabitation have probably been very laborious at first. Africans believe that they were stupid enough to let 60 million(!) fellows be successfully kidnapped without even being able to lift a finger. The lie gives a particular vision of the world where blacks are divided in 2 blocks : one half is weak, the other half is uprooted.

In fact, black africans were just as europeans, ie unscrupulous. They didn't mind selling some of their congeners from here and there. If africans were weak, europeans would also have reduced Africa to slavery. But they only succeeded in temporarily colonizing some parts of the continent.

In fact, black islanders are the only ones who are actually uprooted. They have created hybrid cultures to heal the wounds and fill the gaps.

In fact, the black americans were welcoming, confident and opened. Nothing could enable them to imagine that there are individuals of demonic greed. Nothing in their history showed them that humans could become large scale predators. Nothing had prepared them for what they have experienced. The people in profound wisdom, which is currently touted by so many spiritual currents, it was the black american people. If the black americans stop chasing ghost roots, they will find their own ones, the true ones.

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