Anonymous planet

About 2 years ago, I was challenged by a detail that made me think of the solar system. We all know Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus... They are said to be surrounding planets. If their surface was populated then their people would probably be called Saturnians, Jupiterians, Mercurians, Venusians... And what about us? What about our planet? It's called The Earth, we are the earthlings. Such a pity.

We don't say "The Saturn". We just say "Saturn" because it is a proper name. Whereas we say "The Earth" because it is not a proper name, it is a common word. If we engage into a contest of nonsense then why not call our planet "The Ground"? We would be the "Groundlings." Or why not "The Mud"? And we would be the "Mudlings"? Let's call it "Here" to make it clear that the other planets are over there. We can also call it "The Bottom" because the other planets are above.

More seriously. Why isn't our planet fitted with a glorious and triumphant name like the other celestial bodies? Why settle for an ordinary word that means many other things? When something is not named, it is as if it didn't exist. When something is named insignificantly, it is as if it were insignificant. The earth is a common word so its inhabitants cannot be properly named, they are anonymous.

Humans used to live in small communities. People were often named according to their original family or their job. With the progress of civilization communities have expanded to form cities. Each city has a name, so that everyone can say where he comes from. Cities have gathered into countries. Similarly, countries have been given names, in order to place them on a map and to name their inhabitants. When humans began to sail the oceans, they also named the continents to distinguish them from each others.

Then technology has made quantum leaps. Today we send devices in space, we can easily go around the world in less than 80 days and computers are abolishing the terrestrial borders. It would be wise to name this planet, so that their inhabitants have a common identity. It would be logical and normal for our planet to have a real name, to distinguish it from the other planets.

Maybe people would be less likely to kill each others if this common identity existed. We usually tend to be rather friendly with a compatriot and to look at the stranger with a little more suspicion. If we had a worthy planetary identity, maybe it would take over the national and continental identity in time. In this case we will have to look up to the sky to find strangers to look askance.

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