When I was a little girl, I've been taught at school that our body makes new cells each day to replace the old ones. It puzzled me because I couldn't understand the reason for physical aging. I told myself that maybe the factory in charge of building the cells was wearing out in time, so that it was producing damaged cells. But it's not relevant either. We surely build cells to also renew the factory's ones, so it should never wear out.

I put that question aside. I used to hear about new theories in some newspapers or reports but none of them was satisfying. One day, one of these theories raised my attention. Some scientists think that the genetic code is damaged in time, so we end up producing damaged cells, which explains why the body becomes old. The explanation made sense for me.

How come that the genetic code is damaged?

When we live a toxic life, we may speed up the aging process. In developing countries, there is nothing special about living more than 100 years. But in developed countries, it is hard to reach that threshold. It must be a wearing phenomenon. Chances are big that industrial chemistry and electricity wear out our cells prematurely, which require us to renew them more often.

There are techniques to slow down or conceal aging. Skin hydratation, taking food supplements, plastic surgery, thalassotherapy...

But none of this changes the main issue. Slowed down or accelerated, aging occurs one day or the other for all human beings, no matter where they live. Aging was there long before the advent of modern technologies, it has always been there since the dawn of times.

One days as I was watching a spectacular Hollywood movie, I saw one the screen a man, supposedly irradiated by a radioactive substance. This picture hit. I felt like he was exactly looking like an old person. What if our genetic code was damaged by a faint irradiation in the long term? Yes, which one? What has been irradiating us everywhere on the globe since the dawn of time? Looking around me, I only se a single thing that matches this profile, it is the sun.

Indeed the sun is a gigantic nuclear plant, which power is far beyond our imagination. Fortunately it is far away from us, fortunately the sky filters most of its rays otherwise we would all be fried in the blink of an eye. In spite of these protections, the sun showers us a lot : ultraviolet, infrared, radio waves, mocri waves, particles... In theory gamma and X rays are blocked in high atmosphere but I suppose that a little part of them reaches the ground anyway.

But what proves us that all harmful sun rays are absorbed? We have devices to monitor the radioactivity levels which are likely to harm a human within a few years. Are we able to detect an radioactivity which is likely to harm within 100 years for instance? If the sun has been irradiating the planet for millenniums then its radiations certainly go deep down into the earth. If the solar activity really causes cracks in our genetic code then there is no place on the earth which is free from these radiations. It means that our measuring devices have always discarded them.

Mi intuition has always shouted that the human being should normally at least live 300 years. I am not the only one to think that way. Our body is able to renew its cells indefinitely. Then come a time when we feel tired, we are fed up, we have done all we wanted to do, we have to many heavy remembrances, we are longing for something else. From that moment, our body dedicates less energy to renew the cells because this life doesn't motivate us anymore. One fine day we switch off. Our spirit flies away, it will come back later in a new body when its holidays will be over.

In this context, aging is a nonsense. It stresses us starting from a young age, it gradually slows down our projects in life. Death tackles us in the prime of our age, when have only reached 1/3 of our existence as it was originally planned. It seems to me that it is natural instinct that make us fight against aging. The sun brings us good things for sure but I think that it is also responsible for the premature interruption of our existence.

If one find day we could find a way to protect ourselves from its radiations, would the damaged genetic code be able to self-repair, just like physical wounds heal? In other words, would “old” people irradiated for years, become young again?

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