I feel like we are surrounded by lies so I shout this little Frenglish raging cry in the wide digital ocean in order to raise questions, hoping them to be constructive.


a key to try to understand why we don't master it

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a mysterious discipline seen through the simple prism of the Matter-Energy-Conscience model

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The inhumans

if we cannot destroy them, it is safer to avoid them

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The frame of freedom

to be more and more free

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Which law?

should we apply the law of the strongest or the law of mutual support?

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The 3 senses

so that none is missing

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Burning fire - Warming fire

it is better to choose carefully

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Social dictatorship

What wold humanity look like if our actions were only bounded by common sense ?

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Deadly peace

why do many nations have chosen to give up gradually on violence that used to prevail in ancient times?

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we will have to way a little while for democracy

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The hallucination ability

Hallucinations are a pathology in psychiatry. Is it as harmful as it is made out to be ?

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Fake terrorism

what is the purpose of the "terrorists" who currently go after innocent civilians?

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Sexual label

it is so complicated that maybe we need a label for each person

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The crime of Jesus

when the police comes to arrest someone, it is not in vain. Some crime must have been committed in relation to law

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I have wondered for a long time why I was feeling like shampoo is a poison. Maybe the answer is so obvious that we don't see it.

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The missing leg

a careful look shows that man is not necessarily superior, woman is not necessarily inferior

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Birth of a virus

how come that they have not disappeared yet and others are appearing?

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where does it come from?

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Holy hellReleased in November 2013

The long-awaited book by Gail Tredwell is finally available for sale online.

For 20 years, she has been nicknamed "Gayatri, Amma's shadow".



A website dedicated to the hidden side of Amma has been recently made. It is called ETW (Embezzling The World).