Top and bottom

God is something greater. Something that we must reach. We feel that must travel towards this unknown thing. Currently, god is represented by the light. The most intense light that we know is the sun. The sun is in the sky, above our heads.

Therefore we believe that everything is placed geographically at the top is necessarily great. The sky is greater than the earth. Being intellectual or graduated is necessarily a sign of intelligence. The powerful personalities stand on a height platform, a stage or a pedestal. When meditating, it is most often on spots located high on the body, the most famous being the 3rd eye. It seems that there is an energy stored at the bottom of the spine. Making it raise to the head is necessarily a sign of advanced spiritual development. Most people believe that spirituality is to seek a special state of consciousness.

In a nutshell, salvation is in our heads, or a little more above.

As opposed to the worship of the top, the geographical bottom is despised. Indeed the head is superior and noble while sex is inferior and vile. Besides the great sages, saints, prophets and religious officials of all kinds, are often expected to live in chastity, their eyes turned upwards only, detached from crass material questions. To humiliate someone, we make the person to kneel down, while the profile of the winner emerges proudly in the sky.

What do we find below? We find the ground but also the caves and also the underwater depth. Below lies darkness. So obviously the dark devil who is the enemy of the light god lives underground. Under the earth is hell, absolute pain.

This dichotomy seems dangerous to me because it leads us to denigrate the matter and to worship the conscience. This view leads us to imbalance. This view teaches us to be afraid of our world, because it is only the thin crust covering the land of eternal damnation.

Sound propagates in all directions. It ignores the top or the bottom. Up, down, left, right, front, rear are only geographical concepts.

The sound comes from a source. The source produces the sound. The sound spreads in a growing sphere as it propagates in all directions at once. The "top” for sound is its source. The "bottom" for sound is all directions moving away from the source. Within sound, god is moving closer, the devil is moving away. Getting closer to all things is divine. Moving away from everything is evil.

Rather than introducing silly and harmful geographical discrimination as does the light, the sound god leads us to seek the deep source of any subtle or gross thing. Everything can produce sound, anything can be a source of divinity. Going to the top is getting closer to both subtle and material things, in order to discover their true origin, the true cause of their existence.

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