The symbolism of sound

Sound is a wave that propagates in matter. It is a wave that we can perceive through our senses. Therefore it can symbolize vibration and movement. The sound is everywhere, at any time, in any circumstance. We are constantly wrapped in a bath of sounds, like fishes in water. It is impossible to escape from it. Shutting the ears only magnifies our inner sounds. At each and every moment, the sound reminds us that everything is always in motion. The sound is the perfect symbol to represent divine principles because in addition to its ubiquity, it cannot not be perverted as is the case with the other symbols currently used.

It is quite common to say that god is light. Our main supplier of light is the sun. If god is light then unanimously, humans might be tempted to link god with the sun. But as it is a material object, this can lead to all sorts of abuses. Indeed the sun shows at most for ten hours in the sky and then disappears. In some countries the sun hides for 6 months. When it rains, we imagine that the sun is there but our retina informs us that this is far from being the case. When the sun is there, it is always temporary. It is rather difficult to bind it to divine principles. It is far from omnipresence and omnipotence. A divine symbol should not be associated to a material object, because it is subjected to binding rules, which is contrary to the idea of divinity.

When we see a child with blue eyes and blond hair, the image of an angel superimposed immediately in our minds. Is it because the golden sun shines in an azure sky? For me, light is very poor as a divine symbol, because what seems to be bright is glorified, what seems to be dark is demonized. The gods are always represented brightly, while the devils are represented darkly. Even in the Hindu pantheon, the murderous goddess Kali has a black skin. To symbolize god by the light leads to racism. White is light so it is good. Black is dark so it is bad.

Sometimes we also say that god is love. People may be tempted to represent love by sex. Potential abuses are also innumerable. Sex is bound to hormones, to the will, emotions, feelings ... It may even take place in an unhealthy context of power and extreme violence, thus causing sometimes irreparable damages. Associating god with such an explosive cocktail, this is really not a good idea.

What do we call love? Each has his or her definition. I say that it depends on each of us. We call "love" the most exalting, the most moving and the most powerful attraction that we have ever lived. But no one knows what the future holds and it is possible that future experience comes to upset our present definitions. Associating god to such an uncertain concept does not seem appropriate to me.

Moreover, lives are not equal. People who have lived in a peaceful context does not have the same vision of life as those who have known only hatred, disregard or violence. The love god can make feel guilty those who are unable to love. This sometimes requires simulating love to avoid feeling excluded. Love, despite its power, is a feeling among the infinity of feelings that can move us. It is a shame to represent god by a facet of our emotions, at the risk of excluding antagonists facets.

It seems important to me to free ourselves from the harmful duet "god is love, god is light" because it brings division, it generates inequality. There are those who have light and those who don't. There are those who have love and those who don't. The god of love and light is partial, temporary, binary, unfair.

On the contrary, the sound can not be symbolized by anything. There is no material object or concept, whether terrestrial or not, which can be unanimously adopted as a symbol by all the inhabitants of the earth. It is itself a symbol. The symbol of the waves, vibrations, motion, change. It reminds us that nothing is immutable, everything is constantly changing. Each sound is unique and ephemeral. We are constantly wrapped in sounds coming from both inside and outside our bodies. It is an immaterial yet tangible movement that constantly manifests itself in ever new shapes.

Light travels in a straight line. Feelings and emotions put out inner world in motion and often set us to action and change. Sound symbolizes movement and change so it represent light and love. It may equally stand for the increase and the decrease of light. It represents all emotions, whatever their intensity, whether negative or positive. The sound is an ideal symbol for divinity, without excluding anyone or anything, rich and neutral enough to encompass all the experiences that life offers.

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