The sound ideals

There is something really special about sound. We can produce some willingly or unwillingly. All animate or inanimate thing has the potential ability to produce sound, however thundering or tenuous. Because of this characteristic, the sound is quite likely to inspire high ideals, close to the idea that we have of divinity.

Let's take for instance a mysterious sentence from the hermetic philosophy, that can be found formulated differently in various religious texts : " While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All". We can do a brainstorming to invent countless of more or less poetic and exalting interpretations. We can lean toward science and the emerging quantum physics to assign a pseudo-rational explanation to this aphorism. Or we can turn to the sound for a simple and concrete illustration of this principle. On the one hand all objects are potentially capable of producing sounds, waves or radiation. The sound is therefore within all objects. On the other hand, sounds, waves, radiation constantly spread everywhere, even in the space that is supposed to be void. All objects are thus immersed in sound. The sound is in everything, everything is in the sound.

Let's note that it is very difficult to achieve such a level of simplicity with the concepts commonly used to represent divinity. If god is love then we must imagine a pebble showing love. If god is light then we must imagine a marmot that emits light. Difficult. But both rock and marmot can make noise and are surrounded by noise. If god is sound, everything becomes simple, complex principles are easily understood.

Using sound to symbolize divinity allows to unite all creation. Beings are different from each other, each species, each individual has its own peculiarities and yet all have exactly the same common property which is the sound. Being in sound, producing sound. Nothing and nobody escapes the rule. The dust grain, the tree, the animal, the human and the sun are equal at this level. This makes it easy to imagine the principle of oneness of all creation.

The images that we currently use move us away from simplicity and may even have adverse side effects. Let's take the light for example. It strikes the surface of objects, it doesn't go in depth. It is abrasive and erodes the surface. It is unfortunate that divinity is represented by such a superficial property. We can't illustrate complex concepts with such a limited principle. The god of light is a superficial god, abrasive, easy to handle, it is easy to cut oneself off from his influence. Sound by cons goes deep. The subtler it is, the deeper it slips. Vibrations and waves can transform matter and even destroy it by unstructuring it. If the sound can destroy, can it also build? Is it possible to find particular conditions under which the sound can structure raw material and give birth to concrete objects? The images of the researcher and photographer Alexander Lauterwasser are quite disturbing.

The light is a ruthless inquisitor. It rushes to the objects and forces them to reveal their shape, their color and their relative location in space. The light doesn't give anything, instead it collects informations and spreads them around. In addition, these peddled informations can sometimes be misleading because they concern only the surface of objects, their skin, their coating, their mask. However the sound gives. It brings movement. Objects can send back, transmit or absorb the moves that they receive. Sound can also play a role as an informant, but its use is more sophisticated and profound. It can tell us about current events, even at great distances. It can play the role of sonar in echolocation. When we want to make a X-ray of the human skeleton,we use waves. Waves are used to extrapolate what lies beneath the earth's crust and to carry our voice at the other end of the planet. Unlike the superficial and requesting light, sound is deep and generous.

How to get light? Easy, just burn a fuel with physical, chemical or electrical processes. Thus producing light requires destruction. This sacrifice eventually destroys the producer of light. Whether a piece of wood, a light bulb, a computer screen or the sun, anything that produces light ends up dying. Not only light lauds sacrifice but it also separates. On the one hand there is an unlucky lonely elected light producer, on the other hand there is the crowd of happy consumers. Sacrifice, altruism, duality, inequality, hierarchy, dependence... On the contrary, the sound can be produced by any being, whether in dramatic or joyful circumstances. Music, far from destroying anything, equally brings a lot of good things to both performers and listeners. The sound can gather, give a sense of unity in diversity.

If god is sound and we can produce sound then we are god.

If god is sound and any object can produce sound then everything is god.

If god is sound and the sound is everywhere then god we constantly wrapped in god.

Everything is in the sound, the sound is in everything.

Everything is in god, god is in everything.

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