The evolution

Unlike the other senses, sight is essential. We can do without the taste, the touch, the smell and the hearing but without the sight life becomes more complicated to manage. The sight is closely related to survival. The light god is the god of survival. The hearing comes immediately after the sight in terms of survival, the sound god could be the next step after the light god.

Indeed, the light god is the god of cavemen, the divinity of those who bow lower than dirt screaming for mercy when lightnings streak the threatening sky. When you live in a dark damp cave, the light comes from the fire, the fire is god. Fire allows to see clearly, it warms up, it scares away the wild beasts, it discourages the enemies, it makes the food edible. We can easily imagine that in prehistoric times, the light was as vital as food. Humans took turns at night to never let the fire extinguish since it could mean death for the whole tribe. The light reassures and protects. It saves lives. It gives life.

Later humans have domesticated fire. Nowadays there is a whole range of physical, chemical and electrical tools to produce light at will, with more or less heat, more or less colors, with supports of various shapes and sizes. Does this affect our attitude toward god? Don't we tend to consider him as a malleable and passive being, subjected to our whims? Just look at the theological battles where everyone claims to know the will of god and to define his essence to see that indeed the light god is the puppet of our cultures.

In the western way of life, light and food have become entertainment. We do with one as with the other spectacular staging that have nothing to do with the preservation of life. Nowadays we no longer live in caves. Instead we live in towers that rise high into the sky. We fly in the clouds to move from one continent to another. We communicate through waves broadcasted in the air... It might be time to leave the cave age and to have a more aerial symbol for divinity.

Why not air? I think it would be a bad idea because the air is a material element therefore it is subjected to potential perversions. We can lack it, we can pollute it but above all we cannot produce it. We can only absorb some gases and emit others. Moreover inanimate objects can not easily produce it. I seems to me that to get out of prehistory, we should not only change our symbol but also become creators after beings creatures for millennia.

The sound is created by the matter and propagates into the matter, particularly in fluids such as air. It is a move, it is immaterial but tangible. It is easily produced by animate and inanimate beings yet it is difficult to control, complex to perceive and decode. Considering sound as a divine symbol could help to refine our mind and worldview. After having worshiped the surface of things for thousands of years thanks to the light, we could go beyond thanks to sound. We could drop the support and worship its movement, forget the car and consider its passenger, move away from the matter and focus on its waves.

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