Omnipresence of sound

How to get some light? We can wait until the sun shines in the sky. Otherwise we need to burn a fuel. Or we must use chemical and electrical processes to force a body to emit light. Either the light floods us automatically as it wishes or we produce it using dedicated equipments. In some countries, the day lasts for 6 months and the night longs for the rest of the year. The presence of light is always temporary while god is omnipresent. It doesn't match.

Why do I consider love to the worst candidate to symbolize god? Because people who are plagued by violent and negative feelings don't feel it, they are rejected, which is opposite to the very idea of divinity. When you feel anger or fear, love is missing. If we represent god by love, people who feel reverse feelings are excluded, even if it temporary. Love is certainly the most intense feeling that we know but its manifestation is just as temporary as the light's one. It doesn't match either.

On the contrary sound is omnipresent.

Whether through the noises of the city or those of nature, the sound is always there. Even in a quiet place, just carefully pay attention to perceive sounds. There is no place, no time, no event from which sound is missing. Even the motionless yogi locked in his cave can hear the beating of his heart, the hiss of his breathing and his digestive activity...

Even the deaf can feel the blood pulsing in his body, he can perceive the clash of sounds with the entire surface of his body. In a TV report, I have seen young deafs dancing happily. The floor was wooden and they could perceive the music through the vibrations under their feet.

The sound is propagated by matter, whether liquid, solid or gaseous. To not perceive any sound, we must find a place of total emptiness. I doubt that a human being could survive in such a condition but let's consider this case. Space for instance doesn't contain any air. But the celestial bodies produce sounds. Planets among others produce waves, it is possible to capture and hear them with a simple radio.

The sound is therefore omnipresent. Whether they come from outside or inside our bodies, whether they can be perceived or not by our senses, they are constantly there, constantly changing but constantly present. The sound therefore is qualified to represent an omnipresent principle, the divine presence.

When we feel lost and alone, overwhelmed by hatred and darkness, we feel like crying and screaming in despair with our arms raised to the sky : "My god! Why have you forsaken me?" The manifestation of light and love is temporary, so it is normal that we feet so helpless chronically.

The sound is present everywhere, at all times, in all circumstances. So if the sound symbolizes god then it is no longer possible to feel abandoned. The perception of a sound immediately recalls the presence of god. The recall of god is fluctuating but permanent.

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