Daily divinity

Unlike the light which is sometimes veiled or off, the sound is present in our lives in a fluctuating but permanent way. Is there a way to not hear any sound and to not perceive any vibration? Shutting one's ears with foam plugs only amplifies our internal sounds. When we sleep, we can close curtains and blinds to no longer perceive light but we can snore, talk or make noise while moving in the sheets, we can be suddenly awakened by the storm which burst violently and shakes the walls. Even the deafs can feel the sound waves with their bodies.

Sometimes we are lost in our thoughts, we don't pay attention to anything, we don't hear what is going on outside or inside. What are our thoughts made of? Most often sentences, words or music pass through our mind. When we think about concepts or images, our mind wraps them with more or less relevant comments. Thus, even the daydreams and mental chatter that cut us off from reality are based on previously stored sounds. Whether produced by our body, perceived by our senses or synthesized in our head, the sound follows us throughout our life.

We can escape the light but not the sound. It reminds of the sacred texts which say that it is impossible to escape the divine laws. If it is impossible to live outside of god then the light is a very bad spiritual symbol, unlike the sound that is naturally present at all times, in all places, at all times.

If we believe that god is sound, if the sound symbolizes spirituality then we are constantly in meditation, in prayer, in worship. Who are the prophets, the divine messengers, the representatives of god? The bird that sings, the flowing river, the wind playing in the trees, the lion devouring its prey, the thunder that rumbles, the honking car , the fire destroying a building, the children making racket in yard, the annoying neighbor, the artist on stage, the passionate lovers, the pencil that scribbles, the simmering food, our grumbling stomachs, the moaning demonstrators, the creaking bus, the clicking of the computer's keyboard... any person, any object, including ourselves is a messenger of god.

If anyone and anything can produce sound and if god is sound then we are naturally prompted to listen carefully, constantly, without having to search or to imagine a focal point. There is no shortage of sound. Everyday life can turn into a gigantic meditation room. We can sharpen our sensitivity by focusing on any sound of the daily life, trying to feel it with the body, in addition to hearing it with our ears. The divinity of sound naturally leads us to demonstrate respectful attention to everything at all time. It even invites us to listen to us and to respect ourselves. This leads us to see ourselves as being both active and passive because we perceive and produce sounds.

When our sounds are mixed with those of others, we are a more or less harmonious community, more or less united, more or less powerful. It is no coincidence that the music exists in all cultures, especially in religious cults. IIt is no coincidence that those who are subjected to pain or hard work sing in spite of the pain. It is no coincidence that the fighters shout war cries. It is no coincidence that the fans scream to support their favorite team. Sounds directly put our emotions in motion, unlike the light. Indeed we interpret what we see and react according to what we have understood, while the sound can move us directly, while our thoughts don't come into play. It reminds of the religious texts which state that the divinity can not be apprehended by the mind.

Light is present periodically, it is easy to protect oneself against it, we can not produce some with our body. Similarly, the god of light is confined. He is partitioned into days, into hour slots, into specific buildings, he has designated or trained representatives, we can negotiate to disobey his laws without looking like it. On the contrary, the sound god cannot be reduced to a mere puppet. It is present everywhere throughout the day. We can not handle him as we wish because any animate or inanimate being can produce sound at any time. Even our own body can produce sounds beyond our control. Thanks to sound, god invades our daily lives, nothing and no one can escape his influence.

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