In the spiritual world, it is considered as quite normal to worship concepts, objects, dead or alive humans, as the embodiment of divine principles, god 's intermediate or custodians of sacred teachings. This kind of behavior often leads to more or less unhealthy drifts.

Admiration and worshiping are not trivial attitudes. I know from experience that to focus one's admiration on a person or an object can cause impressive and unexplainable internal or external phenomena. The error at this point is to declare that it is the object or the person who is causing the phenomena. That's how we assert that such statue is holy or such person is divine, whereas it is the devotion which is the origin of phenomena. It is not the object of devotion which grants a miracle, it is the devotee who performs the miracle, thanks to the energy generated by his devotion.

Concentrating one's thoughts on a person has real effects. Focusing one's emotions in addition to tge thoughts multiplies the effects exponentially. When you are alone to concentrate your thoughts and emotions on an object, you are alone with the energy that it generates. When we are many to do the same thing on a common object, the amount of energy increases enormously, the phenomena are more impressive, thoughts accelerate, emotional events are more vivid, ecstasy is more intense, synchronicity awaits at every step, the miracles become more likely...

Unfortunately, the truth is perverted. Instead of recognizing the vital role of devotion, we mistakenly attribute the benefits to a god, a master, a relic... We see how a hive operates. The queen lays eggs while foraging bees harvest to produce honey. Imagine a hive in which the bees believe that it is the queen who produces honey by magic. One can easily imagine the feeling of self-depreciation of the bees. They would be convinced that their laborious harvest is insignificant. One can easily imagine each bee modestly offering its honey at the feet of the queen, thinking that it is nothing compared to all that her majesty gives to the world. One can easily imagine the ruthless struggles between bees, seeking to get closer to the queen, hoping to have more honey. One can imagine that, despite her good intentions, the queen will be tempted by duplicity or authoritarianism.

That's how small groups of spiritual seekers turn into harmful sects or devastating religions. Sublime things are going in there along as vile things. Devotees generally bury their head in the sand to not see the bad because they don't want to lose the benefit of pooling energy. The more greedy and less scrupulous ones indulge in all sorts of nastiness to enjoy this surreal windfall.

It's a shame because one must choose between staying alone with his/her little helpless and isolated energy or joining in a group, knowing that one will have to deal with its potential abuses. I wondered if it was possible to find an object of devotion which limits the undesirable side effects. An object that exists everywhere and for everyone, that no one can control.

The answer that comes to my mind, is the sound.

Currently it is the light which is bond to divinity. It seems to me that the sound is a far better concept to symbolize higher principles.