The Universal Religion

A word amazes me more and more, it is the word "Universal". We are on earth, not even able to come and go as we wish on the moon which is the closest satellite of our planet and yet we boast to define universal concepts. Without knowing anything about our neighborhood, we decide that one thing or another applies to the entire universe. So daring! The currels are major consumers of universality. Each religion claims to be more universal than its neighbors. Each spiritual current claims to convey and promote universal values. So I asked myself the question.

If there were a truly universal religion, what would it look like?

We must begin by stating that our known universe is limited to our planet. So "universal" means "valid over the whole earth". How to find a religion valid for the whole earth? Under the principle "As above so below, as below so above", when I have a subtle problem, I take a step down toward density in order to solve it by analogy. Do I know a material principle which is universal, indispensable, powerful? Keep it simple, breathing is universal. Humans breathe, animals breathe, breathe plants, even mineral matter indulges in gas exchange. No breathing, no life. Without breathing, matter is completely inert. Breathing is universal on earth.

If there was a universal religion, it would be the same as breathing. What does this actually mean?

When I was born, I was probably spanked to make me start breathing. Following this, the process was put into action naturally. Once engaged breathing doesn't stop. The universal religion requires only a single spark to begin to manifest. Once the religious impulse is given, nothing nor nobody can stop it. No need of sacraments or initiations, with various levels of privacy, revealing more or less secret truths. The initial impulse of the universal religion is the same for all, known to all, anyone can give it to anyone else.

Breathing requires no thinking. Unless an accident occurred, it requires no effort. By cons, preventing oneself from breathing requires effort, which can not be extended indefinitely. The universal religion doesn't require the acquisition of specific knowledge. It does not require tedious learning, nor cruel asceticism, nor Spartan workout. No need to write or swallow piles of sacred literature. It is the opposite which is laborious, moving away from the universal religion requires big efforts.

I don't need any help to breathe, I do it myself, for myself. Nobody can breathe for me. The universal religion has no middleman or intercessor. Nobody can claim to establish a special relationship between god and humans. Each has his own link, just as as each has his own lungs.

If somebody says "my job is to breathe", everyone will doubt his sanity. One can possibly devote his life to studying the respiratory phenomenon to help those who have health problems or to understand his own difficulties. The scientist who conducts such work doesn't necessarily have better respiratory capacity than others. Similarly, no one can claim to dedicate his life to god because it is naturally present in the lives of everyone. Nobody can establish an officiating hierarchy. No special clothes, no sacred tools, not pompous titles. One can devote his life to studying the mechanisms of the universal religion but it is not a sign of wisdom nor holiness.

Some naturally have a large lung capacity, others are more limited. When I exercise, my breathing amplitude increases. I can possibly practice to be aware of my breath, in order to better manage it daily, especially when under stress. Similarly, being active develops the universal religion. Living life to its fullest strengthens the bond with god. Exercises such as meditation and relaxation are trainings to keenly perceive and modulate divinity daily. In this context, aberrant cultural limitations stifle and prevent from fully connecting to god.

Breathing makes no noise, no great movement. It goes constantly silently in the background of my daily activities. On the contrary, I can attend shows, football games, sing, dance... The greater the crowd, the louder the noise, the more spectacular the actions. In this case, the breath allows me to produce sounds, to make gestures, to express myself. The universal religion not no worship, no celebration, ceremony. It is quietly ubiquitous in everyday life. It vividly expresses itself in any active event, especially the collective ones. The more the crowd is large and united, the more the manifestation of the universal religion is powerful.

Needless to put a knife under my throat to force me to breathe. Needless to spend hours discussing about the superiority of methane over oxygen, to convince me to switch gas. Breathing is automatic and indispensable, my species only bare oxygen. So I'm automatically ill when I lack air, I'm fine when I have it in abundance. If air lacks somewhere, all beings who are at this place suffer. It becomes difficult to act and even think. The universal religion does not know conversion. There is only one religion planned for mankind, no one can change it. Individual and collective well-being indicates its free expression. Individual or collective discomfort indicates its impediment.

Under this definition, I consider that what we currently call "religions" or "spiritual currents" are just groups, as well as political parties, associations, sports teams, fan clubs, companies... Holiness is not more prevalent there than elsewhere. Universality is definitely not there. Given the latent discomfort on earth, I even tend to think that the universal religion is hampered.

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