The power

In the spiritual world, a refrain comes up quite frequently : "Power is evil". Except when it is glued to cute nice words : "the power of love", "the power of forgiveness", "the power of christ", "the power of energy", ...

Yet when I look at myself, I see power everywhere. I have the power to open my eyes to see, I have the power to move my legs to walk, I have the power to think to find solutions to my problems, I have the power to digest the food that I swallow, I have the power to breathe, I have the power to write, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article. Even the pebble has the power of cohesion, otherwise it would be nothing but dust. Even the atom has power, otherwise it cannot organize as a nucleus fitted with electrons.

Without power, nothing exists. So why is it considered so negatively? Because throughout history, humans have used their power to harm shamelessly, aiming at having more and more. It seems to me that wanting more is a natural tendency in all living beings. This is how we grow. We want more than we have, we want to be more than what we are. Growth is a natural need, waning is automatic, because everything which exists is meant to unfold then disappear.

So always wanting more, it's fine, it's perfectly natural, it's ingrained within us. But more of what? At what price? For which purpose? Therein lies the problem. Power is a natural tool but how do we use it? What do we want to grow? By what means? To fill which needs? It is good to always want more, but when the will doesn't aim at the appropriate target, the damages pile up. This is a perversion, an embezzlement of the natural tools.

For instance wanting to climb in society, crushing whoever lies on the way, in order to compensate an emotional insecurity, this is stupid because it requires to cut oneself off from the emotions, instead of healing them. It is harmful because many people suffer unnecessarily. It is sterile because the insecurity increases with responsibilities, therefore the irrelevant need to climb increases as well.

For instance hanging a smartphone 24 hours a day in order to combat loneliness, this is stupid because pixels dancing on a flat screen cannot reduce loneliness. It is harmful because the electromagnetic waves damage the body. It is sterile because one isolates himself more and more with the device, thus increasing the loneliness and the need to overcome it.

For instance making a child to compensate for an unhappy marital or family life, this is stupid because even if the arrival of a new human being brings new emotions, it doesn't erase the old ones. It is harmful for the child which development is hindered by the unhealthy parental projections. It is sterile because raising a child brings about a bunch of problems, which may worsen an already problematic situation.

Power is the ability to do. But we do anything. Does the perversion of a tool calls for its ban? If this is the case, then let's ban the knives, although useful in the kitchen, because serial killers use them to commit their crimes. Let's emasculate all the men, because even if the sperm is useful, there are still 75,000 rapes per year in France. Let's cut the hands of the entire population, so that fighting, theft and all kinds of violence will be eradicated.

Absurd? Not more absurd than saying that power is evil. Power is good, power is natural, power is indispensable. Wanting to annihilate the power is like trying to remove the life. We can kill a person but we cannot delete THE life. We can remove someone's power but we cannot delete THE power.

Instead of trying to remove that which cannot be destroyed, maybe we should ask ourselves why the humans are so perverted.

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