The plant reign

The blade of grass looks so fragile, yet it digs deep in the ground to find water and minerals. It breaks the concrete shell to find air and light. How can such an itsy-bitsy being have so much strength and determination? This determination is everywhere in the plant kingdom. While the animals reach an adult age to then decline slowly, the plants grow until death ensues. A plant extends as high as possible. To stretch up, it can be fitted with a remarkably strong trunk. The tree expands as far as possible by building new branches, new leaves, new roots whenever the weather enables it. Plants never sleep. They are forced to stop their growth when the conditions do not allow them to carry out photosynthesis. If they are lit day and night, they grow non-stop. The working beehive and the greedy internationl holding are softies compared to the plant.

Their expansion is equally hectic. As soon as the weather is appropriate, the plants use all kinds of ways to replicate and extend their influence as far as possible. They cast spores which can survive for many years, waiting to find the right conditions to grow. They produce delicious, colored, scented fruits, hoping that the animals, enticed by the promise of a delicious meal, gather, eat and shed the valuable seeds on fertile a soil. They spray their pollen to the four winds for months, just like a long air ejaculation. They generate offspring from their roots. They grow attractive flowers for the insects to become coated with pollen, in order to send it elsewhere. They manufacture flowers which grip on clothes and coats to be carried further. The trader and the businessman are small players compared to the ambitious plants.

Cutting a plant is not enough to destroy it. As long as its roots are in the ground, it grows back, it manufactures new offsprings, trying to start a new growth from what's left. It is dangerous to plant a big tree next to a house because its roots may crack in the foundations. Whether close to a wall or a tree, a vine will climb eagerly, even at the cost of destroying its support. Just leave a favorable area to rest for a few years to see it gradually invaded by a tangled jungle. Some plants parasitize others instead of fitting themselves with their own roots and pump their host until it dies. Some trees produce leaves that make the soil unsuitable for the growth of other plants, thus delineating their own territory. Carnivorous plants use beautiful flowers, filled with glue, to attract and devour greedy insects. Like an invincible warrior, the plant is a fierce fighter, ready to rampage to lead his life.

Its adaptability, strength and dynamic expansion, make the plant a rather aggressive being. Without regulation, the plant destroys everything to grow. The larger and more cunning dominate the battlefield, while the smallest eagerly share the rest. Walking through a rainforest gives an idea of ​​the tenacity of the protagonists. It is impossible to put one foot in front of the other without the assistance of a machete to clear some kind of way.

The plant kingdom is fixed in the ground. Fortunately. Imagine a being, endowed with intelligence and mobility, having the plant's fierce temper. Would it create a being with an endless growth, without any qualms, ruthless, cunning and with a boundless ambition? Not quite. The plant does not freely destroy for fun. It only unfolds its own existence. Rules have been established for every species. Each specimen uses the rules of its kind to the extreme, without limitation, to death if needed. Yet, the plant kingdom appears to be harmonious. We do not see its aggressive determination because it only obeys with tenacity to the natural laws.

I sometimes feel like human beings should operate just as the plant kingdom, applying without restriction the laws which have been established for this species. But who knows these laws? It seems to me that if we could hear our spirit, it would whisper the answer to our ears. We would just need to carry out his orders to live in the same harmony as the plants, with the same determination, with the variety and the dynamism that it implies. The least we can say is that we are far from operating this way.

I am convinced that the aberrations which are injected into our minds from an early age, bring so much confusion that humans are completely confused, even in their dayly life, even into their intimate life. The result is that instead of hearing the voice of the spirit, we listen to trauma, selfishness, fear, greed... To avoid social chaos, laws, some of which are unfair, are created, adding a layer of aberrations over those that already exist in our minds. Confusions pile up.

Do you imagine the kind of life a plant would lead if it didn't know how to make buds? Throughout its life, it would think : "I'm supposed to do something, but what?". It may try to make twisted leaves and tortured branches by idleness. It may dream of being something else than a plant because the other beings seem less bothered. It might remain prostrated, growing as little as possible, by fear of moving away from laws of which it knows nothing. It may destroy the neighboring plants to vent its anguish. It may try to imitate the squirrel and cry by facing the repeated failures, ashamed of its inability. What else may it invent? One thing is sure, at the time of death it would cry : "No! Not now! It's too early. I'm not ready. I haven't lived enough". This poor plant wouldn't lack of quantity, it would miss quality. It is certainly more exciting to produce flowers and fruits for a few months, rather than spending hundreds of years producing only leaves.

I feel like humanity is at this step. Every human life has its goal but which one? The answer is in everyone. It is up to everyone to find their own purpose, because each life is different. Plagued by confusion, unable to hear our spirit, we don't do what we are supposed to do. Without the bright voice of the spirit, it is so empty, so dark and so cold inside, life is so boring, so agonizing. So we believe in anything, we engaged in anything, we withers in anything, we destroye ourselves in anything, aiming at triggering exciting or soothing emotions.

The emotions temporarily hide the inner emptiness when they pass through the body, making us feel reassured, happy and alive. As they are fleeting, we must exhaust ourselves to make them occur over and over again. Instead of a fruitful tree, the human has turned into an emotions factory. Instead of being the successful founder of his life, the human prostitutes himself to binge on emotions. Instead of feeding the world through his life, the human plunder to stuff himself with emotions. It is impossible to cheat with the natural laws so we daily pay a high price for this perversion.

When I see a tree, I feel like ithe has many things to teach me. Unlike me, it knows how to obey to the fair laws, the only ones, the true ones, those set by nature. I don't want partake to emotions race anymore. It always leads to exhaustion, bitterness, frustration, disenchantment, increasing greed. The inner emptiness is caused by the breakdown of communication with the spirit. What's the point in gorging oneself with emotions, to pretend to be alive? Why sticking to concepts, to pretend to have a purpose in life? Why clinging to personality, to pretend to have a life? Only my spirit can make me be the real human being that I am.

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