The mistakes of destiny

I occasionally consult a humble and talented fortune-teller. Sometimes people ask me if our future is entirely written in advance. How is it that a human can read my future? If everything is written then it is useless to flap in all places to improve our life. We have absolutely no choice then why bother? Whatever we do what is written will come true. One would better stay there, picking one's nose, waiting for the film to be screened, viewing it as a mere spectator.

I answer this question by saying that clairvoyance is like a GPS. When I want to go somewhere, I cannot pour tar in front of me as I move forward. I have to choose the means of transport, routes and schedules. Even if I make a part of the journey by walking down untrodden paths, I cannot create the forests that I cross. They exist without me. I can choose to use them or not, I can choose when to get me started. The means of transport are defined, the land, sea and air routes are already established, schedules are already set. I am free to arrange my journey as I see fit with the existing elements.

When I consult the seer, she feels my current location and my destination. Just like a GPS, she is then able to tell me the best way to track, the likely steps and chokepoints. I can follow her advices to the letter, do just the opposite, change my mind, cancel my trip, get lost... everything is possible. The number of ways is infinite, but I have not plotted them. In order to choose, I can get help from someone who has a special gift to perceive the invisible human mapping.

We have a position in life but how is it that we have a destination? Many philosophies agree that it is a choice. Apparently we choose to incarnate in the configuration which seems to us the most likely to make us evolve. To do so, we choose the place, the time and the situation, depending on what we have already achieved and what remains to be done. This belief is widespread in the spiritual world. I am also convinced that this is true but with 3 variations.

I want

I want to take an incarnation, I wish it was in such a place, at such time, with such family and social scenario. Is it possible? Not necessarily. My desires are not universal orders.

When I want to travel, I have to bend to the contingencies of reality. My bugdet is certainly limited, there is not necessarily available space for the trip that suits me, I may be forced to adjust my plans.

Similarly when I want to incarnate myself, my choices may limited by what I've done previously. I may not find the perfect conditions and be forced to compromise, to give up momentarily on some aspects.

I can

That's it, I have found an incarnation that accommodates more or less my bounds, my needs and desires. Am I able to carry it out correctly? Not necessarily. Life is ever changing.

When I'm traveling, I may not stand the weather or local food. It is possible that unexpected incidents spoil or cancel the trip. I may be disappointed because the place is not at all like I imagined. I may have regrets and feel the need to go back home as soon as possible. If I'm wealthy, I can decide to stay locked in a luxurious holiday complex to revel in idle trivialities, instead of confronting myself with the realities of the country.

Similarly, when I incarnate myself, I may realize that my initial choice is irrelevant. I may not have the strength and courage to do what I have planned. I may eagerly rush to the easy ways to lead a secure and comfortable yet sterile existence.

I do

I am motivated, I do what I have planned. Will I succeed? Not necessarily. I'm not alone on this planet. We are many and interdependent.

During my trip, social or political unrest may burst. Let's not forget the transport strikes, the damages of equipment and the adverse weather conditions. I can get scammed and not get what I was counting on.

Similarly, during my incarnation, some of my actions depend on others. Others are like me. They may have made mistakes when they chose their incarnation. They may encounter unforeseen difficulties. They can hide cowardly or loose themselves. For one reason or another, they may not be at the expected place, at the right moment. So despite my efforts and my good intentions, some things may require adjustments or be canceled because some actors are missing on stage.

Human mapping is drawn and adventures are potentially endless. Everything is possible, the worst and the best. It so happens that people find themselves in dire situations. Some spiritual seekers then let go of sentences that I find disgusting : "we choose our incarnation so it is their choice to suffer", "it's the law of karma, their sufferings come from their past merits", "there is a reason to everything, these sufferings have their uses",... It is a state of mind that I find pathetic.

And this is the most despicable statement that I have heard : "poor fellows, they are suffering. But if we help them, we will prevent them from paying their karmic debt". Despicable, for the next sentence goes as follows : "So let's not take any risk, let them suffer and let's discreetly go on our way in divine peace". This word "karma" allows a lot of good people to show cowardice with a clean conscience.

We do have the choice of our incarnation but it's not all :

  • My options depend on my current situation. My past actions actually determine my current state and my potential future. If I'm in a deadlock situation, my options are limited.

  • My choice depends on my level of consciousness. If it is not full of knowledge, orderly and sharp, then there is a strong possibility that I make mistakes in my options assessment and that I choose the wrong one, the one that will bring me stagnation instead of the growth that I hope.

  • My actions depend on others. They have their options, their choices, their bounds, their weaknesses... I have to adapt to what others do or don't do. They are likewise obliged to adapt to my ride.

Destiny is not a story cast in stone that we must suffer in the name of unfathomable divine laws. It is rather a kaleidoscope. The facets of the glass are immutably cut but the images that display gradually change as we move forward.

I think that it is better to make the most of what we can at every single moment. What we do can worsen or improve the life that we incarnate. What we do can increase or decrease our options in the future. What we do can block or propel others. If we have the right to make mistakes then we also have the duty to correct ourselves. Suffering painful situations or letting people suffer under the pretext that there are divine decrees seems absurd to me. Apparently god created life, apparently the aim of life is to grow, thus hindering the unfoldment of life is probably contrary to god's intentions.

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