The ego

When I was a kid, catholicism wanted me to destroy sins that I didn't remember having committed. Now that I'm big, buddhism and hinduism want me to destroy an ego that I don't remember having built. Why are the currels obsessed with destruction? The word "ego" means "me" in latin, so to not suffer I should destroy me? It seems that it is a construction of the mind which prevents us from perceiving the reality. Am I an evil creature, who must undergo self-mutilation to be entitled to happiness? Apparently it's not my fault, the ego automatically exists in everyone, it is responsible for selfishness. One thing bothers me in this concept.

In my opinion, selfishness is the inability to consider something else than oneself. What are the reasons for this failure? Fear, trauma, frustration, neurosis, pride, greed, ignorance, narcissism... whatever, one only focuses his attention positively or negatively on himself. Under these conditions, selfishness looks more like a disease of the ego, which needs to be healed. Is this disease serious enough to require the removal of the affected organ? Are all the egos of the world necessarily sick from birth? How strange.

The ego diseases may come from the vagaries of life. Incidents and accidents happen, injuries require specific cares. In this case, the selfish ones should be few in number. The majority of egos should be in good health, able to take into account something else than themselves. But dogmas say that the ego is selfish by nature. I think that by saying that, either they insult the nature by accusing it of generating harmful mental mechanisms, or they insult the human race by accusing it of systematically perverting the natural mechanisms of the mind. Not very nice. I believe that sick human beings should treated, and healthy human beings must evolve. Saying that everyone is sick from birth is an insulting point of view.

I have another explanation for this phenomenon of sick egos from birth. We are very complex creatures, composed of a sophisticated body, emotions, thoughts. There must be a project manager to coordinate this little world. He must arbitrate between the conflicting interests and choose which tracks to actually follow. This coordinator is the ego. It is he who makes the decisions, so when things go wrong, it is considered guilty. Except that in order to make good decisions, one must be properly informed. For me, 2 things combine to complicate the ego's coordination task, thus wrongly advertising it as a psychopath.

The natural evolution

I think that the human being is meant to evolve. Towards what? Speculations are numberless. We can certainly assume that evolving means acquiring missing things for the human to be complete. Either that which is missing already exists and must be found or the missing thing does not exist yet and must be built. That's my definition of evolution. Discovering what is hidden and building what is lacking. If the human is in a quest or if manufacturing is in progress, it is normal to make some mistakes. It makes sense to state that perceptions are sometimes misleading. Thus, the ego which is the supervisor, this coordinator who is me, sometimes rely on partially erroneous data to make decisions. This cannot be qualified as a disease because it occurs occasionally and involuntarily.

Sometimes we make a decision, believing that there is no better option and it turns out that the result is good for us but dramatic for the world. Sometimes the result is not even good for us. What seemed nice at first, turns out to be a disaster. It seems to me that to avoid this kind of mishap, the knowledge of the true laws of nature is precious. If I know the mechanisms which actually run the world, then I'm more likely to get what I was aiming for by pulling the appropriate levers. If I don't know the rules, then the levers that I operate cause unexpected damages. Knowledge of the natural laws enable to go on smoothly. Going where?

Only my spirit knows where I am supposed to go. Succeeding in hearing my spirit is thus a priority for the ego to make sound decisions. Appart from my spirit, my ego is left alone to listen to my emotions and my thoughts to make my decisions. Sometimes they give good advices, most of the time they don't. Waiting for a hypothetical spiritual communication, one must choose between stagnating or listening to their doubtful recommendations. How is it that the emotional and intellectal guidance is do dubious? One thing is sure, their suggestions are based on my knowledge.

The artificial illness

If memory serves me right, I went out of my mother's womb without any knowledge, even if I had previous experiences. Where does my current knowledge comes from? From my education, the surrounding culture, the dogmas broadcasted by the currels. Therefore it makes senses to assume that my internal pollution largely comes from what I was taught. It seems to me that cultural aberrations which are opposite to the natural laws, poison the thoughts and emotions from birth. For want of anything better, the ego must coordinate the existence and development, by relying on their toxic inclinations. Facing the resulting troubles, the cultures recommend to destroy the ego.

The dogmas administer the poison and provide the lethal antidote. They provide the gangrene and the axe to cut the infected limb. The ego, which has been ​​artificially made ill, is treated by euthanasia. I must deliberately destroy me. Apparently some people succeed in performing this feat, they become liberated beings, awakened, enlightened. Good for them to do. Personally, I can not agree to what appears to me both as a mental amputation and as the elimination of a troublesome patient. We often talk about the ego which resists, the ego which struggle to not disappear. This is natural. If I come close to you with a knife, will you obediently let me kill you? My ego is in me since my birth. Can it let me remove it just because I said so? It do wants to live, like any being would do. Me want to live. Maybe the elimination of the ego leads to bliss, I personally think that this technique is violent and unnatural.

Surprisingly, the currels often prescribe physical, intellectual or emotional destruction to come closer to the divine. We must cut the hair, remove the penis foreskin, cut the clitoris, avoid sex, move away from the family, get away from the world, eliminate the thoughts, detach ourselves from our emotions, destroy our ego... Destroy again and again what the nature provides us with. Why? How can the partial destruction of an incomplete being bring about an evolution? The currels say that we must make room in ourselves to be invaded by the divine. What kind of god would be cruel enough to create beings, whose happiness must pass through self-mutilation? No, it doesn't look natural at all.

Who am I to criticize the mechanisms of the nature? Who am I to consider that it has made a mistake by fitting me with an ego? Who am I to correct the errors of the nature? There may be some specific individual cases to adjust from time to time but claming that the same defect is present in each and every specimen of a race since millennia, how bold! For me, evolution means to discover and to build. Destruction should be used sparingly, in an effort to build something better. So I start by treating my poor ego, perverted and abused by a violent and aberrant outside world. I then choose to destroy my education, to try to learn the laws of nature. Finally, I look for a way to communicate with my spirit, to alleviate the difficult task of my wounded ego.

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