Each understands the word "spirituality" in his own way, it's confusing. To firmly go on my way, I also set my personal definition.

I truly believe that human beings are too primitive to reach the divine. I don't even see how it can be possible to switch from the human condition to a divine state. Even after death, I don't see how this could be done. We are too involuted, not evolved enought.

But we can start a communication with the divine. The spirit is the vessel of a divine spark. Therefore listening to one's mind, is to listen to the divine. So my definition is as follows :

Spirituality means listening to one's own mind.

All beings are different. Each has its own way. Everyone is there to bring its unique contribution, which is distinct from of the others, which is complementary to the others. Ok, but how to know one's own way, which is not the neighbor's one? Only the spirit can answer. It is the only one to know why it has incarnated itself here and now.

It is normal that the employees execute the orders of the company's founder, because he had specific intentions when creating his enterprise, he needed arms to achieve his ambitions. Similarly, it is better to refer to the spirit in the everyday life, because it is the founder of my current existence, it has an overview of my background and long term goals.

But there are so many conflicting voices in the head, how to you know which one to listen to? According to the definition that I have set, this is where the first obstacle of spirituality. In order to listen to the spirit's advices, one must first be able to hear it. One must be able to clearly distinguish its voice within the inner cacophony.

Fortunately the world offers endless knowledge, practices, meetings and adventures to clean oneself. So let's get to work!

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