Permanent power and temporary power

In the spiritual world it is often said that power is bad. It is likely to corrupt human beings. Yet power is natural. If I can post this article online because I am lucky that I have fingers to type the text, eyes to see what I'm typing, some knowledge in computing and money to pay the hosting of my blog. It took me some power to get there. Am I doing something wrong? Am I corrupted?

I think it is rather confusion that leads to corruption. Confusion between temporary power and permanent power.

Temporary power doesn't depend solely on my will. It usually comes from outside. For example, if I am rich, it is because there is a large bundle of money on my bank account. But the bank can go bankrupt, the entire country may experience a dramatic devaluation of its currency. No more money? No more power.

If I am the mega-general-director of a top international company then I'm really all powerful. Until someone more ambitious than me ejects me off from my seat. Until the day when the contract is broken with the company. On such a day, I'm nothing anymore.

And what about the supreme powers? President of a country. Pope of the world. There may be a revolution. One can be remove. Farewell supremacy.

Temporary power is based on agreements between human beings. So if the external conditions change, these powers can move away from me overnight. One can enjoy these powers provided there be no illusions about them. They are partially subjected to my will, they may disappear without warning. We don't base our life on a temporary thing, we only enjoy it.

Permanent powers depend on me. I am able to use my body, to think, to control my emotions or let them carry me away, to make contacts that I like with others, to create unseen things... To withdraw these powers off from me, requires to destroy me, there is no other way. These powers are permanent because they exist as long as I exist.

Under these conditions, it is harmful to try to bridge a sense of inner powerlessness with deluges of external powers. When powerlessness is internal, it is permanent, therefore it can only be filled with things just as permanent. But temporary powers threaten to evaporate at any moment, so one has to accumulate them disproportionately to convince oneself that they perfectly fill the permanent powerlessness. I think that it's this illusory quest that corrupts the human being and not the power itself.

When I look around at the so-called "power mongers", I see a bunch of little watery-eyed worms desperately squirming to fill interior voids which they are barely aware of. Do they know that it's impossible to plug a hole with wind? Obviously they don't know. These vultarks cheat, they lie, they manipulate, they steal, they monopolize, they rape, they destroy, they kill, in order to concentrate the wind at the maximum, hoping to make it compact thanks to violence. Their rat race has no other use than hurting everyone and immersing them in a desperate insecurity.

Temporary things can only be used temporarily. Only permanent things enables to build a sustainable life. Enjoying temporary powers and cultivating permanent powers, this is a healthy use of power. This way of seeing things can be summed up by a quote from the singer Janelle Monáe : "chase vision not fame". Vision, it is about me seeing. As long as I have eyes, I will see. This power is permanent. Fame, it is about others seeing me. What depends on others is always temporary, they can look away at any time to gaze something more attractive. What depends on me will disappear at the same time as me. This is my permanent power, the one that cannot be removed from me without removing my life.

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