Human power

What do we call "power" nowadays? Owning a lot of money, having influence over minds, taking decisions that impact a lot of people. There are many ways to gain one of many of these powers : politician, journalist, industrialist, banker, financial planner, scientific researcher, religious leader... Looking both at the world's history and the news, we feel like saying that this kind of powers drive people crazy. Those who own these types of powers always want more and misuse them to the detriment of the populations. We wrongly infer that power corrupts human mind.

I consider this to be untrue because power is a natural notion. The feature is required to live. I also think that there is a big difference between permanent power and temporary power. What we call “power” is alwas external, temporary and unpredictable, it generates a lot of stress instead of the expected satisfaction.

External power : all the powers listed above depend both on external factors and the good will of other people. Indeed a journalist is influent provided that a journal agrees to hire him and that the audience indulges in reading his articles. The politician can only lead a country provided that we choose him and respect the management that he imposes upon the country. If no one wants to buy his products then the industrialists faces bankruptcy. Therefore in order to get power, the conditions must be conductive and the people must be ready to comply.

Temporary power : the conditions are not always favorable and people are not always compliant. Power is always threatening to fly away at any time to land on someone else hand. The journalist can be replaced by another one or be censored. The policitician can lose the elections or be victim of a military coup. If the factory burns or if the workers go no strike, then the industrialist cans lose market shares to the benefit of his competitors. As life is ever changing, power slips constantly between the fingers.

Unpredictable power : if someone on earth had the secret of absolute success, we would know it.when we want power, we make plans and moves but their result is not granted. When we have power we us it in a given way but nothing guarantees us that we will get what we aim at, no matter the extent of our investment. The journalist multiplies the inquiries and the contacts, the politician multiplies the surveys and meetings, tha industrialist multiplies the advertisement campaigns and merketing outlets, but the goal is not necessarily reached.

As a result, these forms of power only bring stress, ephemeral joy and frustration. Stress because one has to work hard, do violence to oneself and brutalize the whole world in order to get, keep or increase the power. Ephemeral joy because the painfully earned victory is quickly replaced by the daily struggle. Frustration because deep inside of us, the thirst remains, a thirst that cannot be quenched.

The worst thing about these fake powers is that they tend to violently shed light on our true powerlessness. Indeed whatever the extent o our wealth we still feel the loneliness, the discomfort of illness, the itching of hunger or cold. Our body because painful when we don't control our excesses. We feel sadness where our loved ones pass away. We are gripped with anguish when we think that one days it will be our turn to disappear and all the billions hoarded on bank accounts cannot change a single thing.

Some end up indulging in all kinds of abominations when they don't know what else to do to eradicate that inner thirst which increases along with their "power". I think that it is the latter that drives people crazy. The need for evolution triggers a natural thirst for power. Hoarding external powers cannot satisfy that desire. When someone is thirsty, it is vain to blow in his mouth to quench the need for water.

The natural thirst for power should logically be addressed by developing natural power. The natural power is internal. It only depends on us, it doesn't establish a competion against the outer world. No one can take it from us, it belongs to us until the end of our life. Its unfoldment depends on our efforts so the more we work the better we master it.

It's like playing a music instrument or riding a bike. One can steal my bicycle but no one can steal my ability to ride it. I just need to buy another one to be able to ride again. Even if I don't cycle for many years, my acquired reflexes will come back quickly the day when I ride again. Even if I lose the use of my body, my mind will still remember the moves to make in order to ride. Taking away my ability to cycle requires to destroy me. Even in that situation, no one can appropriate my lost abilities. No one can put a knife under my throat saying : “give me you cycling abilities”. There is no pass-though, no shortcut. The only way to gain these skills is personal practice. We can train in groups, afford for famous teachers or high class equipment but only individual work increases individual power.

What can natural power be made of?

Relying on the Matter-Energy-Conscience model I suppose that we need to develop a specific ability for each basic element. Looking at the achievements and longings of vultures, analysing what draws spiritual seekers towards currels, observing my experience and desires, lead me to the following theory.

In the field of matter, power is about transforming our own body. Cancers and self-generated illnesses prove that we are able to destroy it unwillingly when we are subjected to intense negative emotions. There is a strong possibilities that we are equally able to carve it willingly. The biological mechanism exists even if we don't know how to operate it. It could possibly enable us draw straight from our environment, the ions required to sustain our body, without having to digest solid food. How far would that power spread? Could we for instance graw ourselves tentacles instead of fingers? Could we switch the color of our skin to blue, yellow, red, green or purple by synthesizing bright pigments like plants do? Who knows?

In the field of energy, power is about mastering the forces of physics which surround us and regulates the existence. We can have a taste of it thanks to practices such as magnetism or reiki but practitioners usually resort blindly to theories that they are unable to prove. Laying the hands on someone gives unpredictable results. When I talk about energy mastering, I don't think about blur bodily sensations fitted with delusional explanations. I talk about true conscious and determinist mastery. It ensues that this type of power should for instance include telekinesis, local control of temperature, moist and maybe gravitation.

In the field of conscience, power is about connecting to the Human Network. It seems to me that if such network exists then it should store the events, link together the members of same species and make the thoughts and emotions flow. If such connection power exists then it enables to learn the true factual history of mankind, to know what is going on in the world in real time and to make contact with any human being. Isolated and incidental phenomenon seems to demonstrate the existence of this network. There must be gates between the networks of the different species, enabling to establish basic communication with the reigns inferior to the human reign. Thus facing an animal, we could feel each others feelings, whether aggressive or pacifist. Facing a plant, we could feel the use that we could make out of it.

All of this is only theoretical. I don't have any clue proving that any of this could become true one day. But if it could occur then it would reshape the world. Indeed, for instance I lough out loud when one talks about democracy. "Demos" : people. "Kratos" : power. Democracy consist in giving the power to the people. Which power?

The power to work at any cost, even if we perform jobs that we hate, under the penalty of being unable to satisfy our primary needs. The power to pay taxes, dues, all kinds of mandatory bills. The power to be daily crushed by the pressure of a competitive economic system which is doomed to fail, for it is based on increasing inequity. The power to watch the prices moving higher while the quality of good and services move lower. The power to commit collective suicide thanks to chemical and electromagnetic pollution, generated by our daily activities. The power to bleed developing countries in order to overconsume frantically in developed countries. The power to vote for the liar who will have the right to pig out on the fruit of our work and to impose on us, laws that he will be the first to violate legally with impunity.

I find it hard to stick the word “power” on this pathetic landscape. By cons if power the power to master the body exists then we break free from the control of agrifood sharks. If the power to master physics energy exists then we break free in the field of transportation or heating in winter. Maybe we could even discover a new source of energy, apart from the deadly electricity. If the power to connect to the Human Network exists then no need to swallow the lies of media and power mongers. No need of a judicial system based on unfair laws because we would all know who did what. No need to stuff ourselves with untrue futilities at school. No need for cellphones and other devastating technologies. The religious brainwashing is also impossible because of transparency and because of the sharing of all past and present knowledge at a global scale. Crime vanishes as well if everybody knows what is going on in the neighborhood as well as at the other end of the world. Each time that someone is in need, solidarity can operate straight away without resorting to hypocritical and fraudulent NGOs. As a bonus, no need to let the mouse desperately sail on social media in order to find the soul mate. We would be able to feel strong affinities instinctively no matter the distance.

Farewell oil wars and blackmail. Farewell information control. Farewell the human flawed laws and their blind enforcers. Farewell mind manipulation. The natural human power is the only way to achieve true democracy.

Who could rule such a world? Each time that a need for coordination would rise somewhere, we could feel beyond borders, the one who qualifies best to carry on the required tasks. If the need for coordination is not an issue anymore then that person would be freed from the assignment. If the situation changes or if the person reaches a personal limit then a more relevant person would be collectively sensed. By so doing the regulation of human activity would be as smooth, accurate and spontaneous as chemical balance in nature.

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