God is desire

It is written everywhere, everyone says it, god is love. I find this assertion limited and incorrect.

To begin with, I find that the word "love" is really lousy. There should be at least 2 terms to describe what actually happens. When we love someone, it is a reciprocal relationship, we do good to each other, there is a contact, there are exchanges, there an evolution in the relationship, it can be maintained, become stronger or deteriorate. When a love story ends, we can live another one later. But when we love water for instance, it is not the same thing at all. Water is good for us and we will never give it anything in return. It doesn't know us, but we need it. This relationship of dependence will never evolve. Nothing can replace water in our lives. "I love someone", "I love water", the verb is the same but things go on totally different ways. The only common point is the personal well-being, everything else is divergent.

Then we say that god is all, god is everywhere. We also says that god is love. So love is logically everywhere. But there are people on this planet who live without love, by choice or out of obligation. Does it mean that these people are beyond god 's influence? Such a shame, it means that it is neither omnipresent nor omnipotent, so it is not god. The alternative is to acknowledge that god is not love. I prefer this option. It matches what I see with my own eyes. When a tsunami devastates entire regions and kills thousands of people, I see no reason to jump for joy, claiming that god is love. When the blood spurts because the lioness sinks her fangs in the throat of a gazelle, I don't see the relevance of such enthusiasm either. God is not love.

Love is an intense attraction, the strongest that we know. When we experience something extremely strong, we automatically stick a divine label on it, without thinking about universality. For something to be divine, it must apply to anything, anytime, anywhere. In love, the only parameter that meets the requirements of universality is the attraction. So it makes more sense to say that god is attraction and repulsion. I use the term “desire” to describe these forces, for want of a better word. God is infinite desire. It is a universal entanglement of attractions and repulsions that are beyond us. Saying that god is love, is to shrink it, because love is only one of the manifestations of desire. In addition to pushing the repulsion aside, it also denies all the other kind of attractions. All animated and inanimated beings are subjected to attraction and repulsion, on all planes, physical, emotional and mental, whatever the circumstances.

The stone is subjected to gravity. Whatever treatment it undergoes, it always falls back on earth. Even in the liquid state, lava propelled by the volcano is attracted by the earth. Water evaporates under the effect of heat and rises into the air, it condenses in the cold and falls to earth. Magnets attract and repel each others. The elements trade particles during chemical reactions. The electrons make long processions inside the electrical cables. The celestial bodies perform complex ballets above our heads. Is there anything that is not subjected to the attraction and repulsion forces? These forces allow the creation of matter, motion and state-change. God is desire, infinite attraction and repulsion.

Does the tree grows out of love? Does it produces fruit out of love? The tree does nothing but grow throughout its life. Does it politely asks permission to the water before pumping it? Does it give it something in return? No, it needs water, it takes as much as possible. When it lacks water, it sinks its roots deeper into the soil. It crafts a maximum number of leaves to capture as much sunlight as possible. Does it love the sun so much that it would like to offer it a lot of gifts in return? No, it helps itself extensively. Because of its natural growth, the tree produces moisture and oxygen, its roots prevent soil from eroding, its dead leaves fertilize the soil. It also produces beautiful fragrant flowers that insects come to forage and tasty fruits that are eaten by living beings. The tree is not a loving being which gives generously to thank for everything it draws. It only develops itself according to the laws that have been defined for its species, what it produces in exchange is defined by the law, because it is part of a greater system. A system where everything is in balance, where each has a specific role to play.

In this context, it seems to me that the human being is pretentious to want to sprinkle love everywhere. We absolutely want to give things to the world out of love. Do we know the world? Do we know what it needs? It might be wiser to be like the tree, to surrender to desire, to obey the universal attractions and repulsions. These forces have been designed by an intelligence that we cannot even imagine, they were set up by an intelligence that knows to which direction the direction is supposed to go, this intelligence knows which role we have to play and it fits us accordingly. If we surrender to the desires, we produce profusely the flowers that the world expects from us and the fruits that the world needs.

Of course, there is a trap. We live in societies which stuff our heads with nonsenses from the day we were born. Oour questions don't necessarily meet the appropriate answers. Misinterpreted experiences give us a distorted vision of ourselves, of the world, of life. Violence and injustice prompts the heart to overflow with bitterness. Consequently, our desires often have an artificial, human, accidental, dubious origin. Satisfying this kind of desire rather leads to selfishness, to regression, to destruction. How to know the difference between natural and artificial desires?

Natural desires are part of framework that is greater than us, it seems to me that following them provides a feeling of powerful and quiet certainty. The intellect doesn't make any comment, it can only remain speechless out of admiration for the ingenuity and beauty of the mechanisms at work. The heart is lifted by intense emotions that unfold within a huge collective movement, it can only jump for joy. The body feels that it occupies its rightful place as a gear in a disproportionate machine. Doing the right thing at the right time gives a sense of power, humility, usefulness, fairness, peace, community. On the contrary, satisfying artificial desires causes restlessness. The mental squirms in every way to justify our impulses or to runaway in order not become aware of our motivations and actions. It invents countless pretexts to turn our shabby actions into glorious deeds.

There is another trap. Surrendering to natural desires doesn't mean becoming empty to be invaded by something divine. Nature hates vacuum. If the ego disappears, what comes to fill the empty space? If the ego is such a harmful element, why are all beings fitted with one? Ego is a tool. When it is healthy, it can be used, among others, to feel both artificial and natural desires. Just like an antenna, the ego catches the attractions and repulsions currents. It must feel them fully to fully satisfy them. So I think that we must be completely filled by our own ego to connect to what is beyond us, to receive the flows of universal desires and express them physically, emotionally, mentally.

Courage is required to satisfy the universal desires. We must dare to occupy the place that was assigned to us. It is not always easy when the collective molds are formatted in societty and various punishments threaten the disobedient ones. Fear can block, delay or pervert the desires. When so constrained, they gnaw the individual from inside. Thus life stagnates. When expressed, they can cause adhesion or disapproval, admiration or rejection, love or hatred. Thus life flows.

Many are those who show the way. The blade of grass that breaks the concrete shell. The artist who composes melodies, choreographies and paintings from their heart, overwhelmed with unknown emotions. The author who publishes revolutionary pamphlets under the dictatorship. Lovers who come together despite the social tyranny. The rainbow shining in the gray sky... Universal attractions and repulsions dominate all reigns, mineral, plant, animal, human. Desire is infinitely greater than us, greater than all.

God is infinite desire.

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