The gender has always puzzled me since childhood. Some spiritual and religious texts say that we all have a part of masculine and feminine. What does it mean? The definitions that can be found here and there are poetic, abstract and mystifying. That is not enough for me. What does masculine and feminine concretely mean? In desperation, I turned to my current bedside book, namely the Kybalion. I had already read what it explains about it but I hadn't understood at all. It says:

"Gender is in everything ; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles ; Gender manifests on all planes"

This time I didn't need to read the entire chapter. After reading the first lines it clicked in my head. The word "gender" is derived from Latin. It means "to beget", "to pro-create", "to generate", "to create", "to produce". It is normal that gender is in all, because it is the mechanism that governs the generation of all things. Gender is the main instrument of creation. It is the process for creating what does not exist yet and to change what already exists.

What do we need to create or change something? Their must be a demand, there must be a supply and the required materials or tools. That's it. The requesting principle is called masculine. The principle that manufactures to give is called feminine. But in order to make, the feminine needs resources. The masculine provides them for its demand to be satisfied.

Let's consider the example of conceiving a child. The male organ is unable to produce a child. So it address its request to the female organ. The female organ can provide its egg, its womb and its intense work to develop a foetus and bring it to maturation. But for that purpose it needs seeds. The male organ thus provides its seed in abundance to be sure that its request will be met.

Let's consider another example, since the patriarchal model is full of them. The man is hungry, he wants to eat. He asks his wife to cook. She can create a delicious dish for him to enjoy while taking forces. But for that, he must give her money for shopping. If he doesn't give her the required amount, she will buy poor quality products and the meal will be tasteless.

Where things get complicated is when these patriarchal stereotypes prove that masculine and feminine are actually in everything. The bulb of the living room has blown. The woman sucks at craft works so she asks her man to change the bulb. He agrees to fix it, provided that she remembered to buy a bulb when she was doing the shopping. In this case, the woman plays the masculine part, while the man plays the feminine part.

If no one demands then nothing happens. Gender is in everything for life to exist and unfold. Any animate or inanimate thing exists thanks to gender. Any event occurs thanks to gender. The lack of the masculine principle creates a vacuum. This vacuum calls the feminine principle's ability to create. This is how movements are born into gross or subtle matter. The electricity is generated by a pole that requires another pole to give it electrons through a metal cable. It is also a difference in electrical potential that creates atoms.

Humans don't escape the rule. Each of us behaves in a masculine or a feminine way according to the context. The CEO asking for human resources is masculine while the employees who give their workforce are feminine. The employees who ask for their wages are masculine, while the CEO who pays is feminine. For the employees to work, the CEO must provide all the necessary equipment. For the CEA to pay the salaries, the employees must provide all the necessary administrative information. The public that asks to be amazed is masculine while the artist who gives the most intense performance is feminine. The artist who asks to be acclaimed is masculine while the public which gives all its admiration is feminine.

Cultural aberrations have transformed these natural principles into dictatorial caricatures. In public, men and women must adopt a formatted behavior to acknowledge their permanent membership in a single gender. The caricatural man is strong. He asks with force. Taking by force, that is theft. The caricatural woman is weak. She give with weakness. Giving out of weakness is a scam because we give the lesser and lower that we have. The caricatures of men and the caricatures of women spend their time frustrating each other theatrically. They all suffer but it is mandatory. Shame harasses those who don't perfectly play the drama.

In fact, gender is in everything, including in the generation process itself. The masculine asks to the feminine. But the masculine behaves in a feminine way when it provides the required raw materials and tools. The feminine gives what it has created. But the feminine behaves in a masculine way when it asks for the resources that it needs to start the creation process.

What about sexuality? What happens in privacy? Who asks? Who gives? Who is in need? Who satisfies the other? In this domain it is impossible to erect barriers and establish classifications. The gender reaches its peak because the partners are constantly both masculine and feminine at the same time. The border between genders collapses because all are at the 2 sides at the same time. The distance between the masculine and the feminine poles vanishes because everyone is constantly bipolar. That's the moment when creation becomes intense and powerful.

There is one particular case, the child is special. It is a human being under construction so it can only ask. The baby is essentially masculine, it has no other choice. The more it grows, the more it becomes capable of femininity, ie to give.

It is not for nothing that the currels fantasize a lot about the virgin and child. The child is always a little boy because the child can only ask. It needs physical care and emotional security, it needs answers to its questions to develop its worldview. The virgin represents the 2 parents. The father and mother give without counting all their material wealth, all their affection and all their knowledge, for their child to grow harmoniously.

Why the virginity? Because in sexuality, the border between genders disappears, each satisfies the other, each is both masculine and feminine. But the parents are not supposed to ask anything to the child. They are supposed to constantly give the best that they have. The parents are supposed to be purely feminine with respect to their purely masculine child. The virgin and her little boy so symbolize the fact that parents give without asking anything, while the child asks without being able to give anything.

The child is the only fully masculine entity. Parents are the only fully feminine entity. Parenting is the only field of life where it is possible to draw a clear line between the feminine pole and the masculine pole.

But even in this specific case, there is a little shade. The parents can properly take care of their child provided that it grants them confidence. The parents need this tool to give their child a harmonious growth. If the child cannot provide its confidence, it will oppose its education or runaway from it. It will tend to rebel or to turn in on itself. The generation of its existence will be held in tension. Thus, the child who is mainly masculine slightly behaves in a feminine way. The parents who are mainly feminine slightly behave in a masculine way. Gender is really in everything.

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