Définition of truth

What happens when we ask for the definition of truth ? 3 options :

  • Philosophers engage in explanations that are so complicated that we nod to pretend that we have understood everything
  • Poets make striking beautiful comparisons, it's moving but it's meaningless
  • The others will say that THE truth doesn't exist. There are truths, because truth is relative, because we each have our own truth.

Yet if I rush into a wall it will hurt so bad. Although truth is relative, the same discomfort awaits all those who will take the risk of performing the same stunt. It ensues that some truths are not relative at all. These truths are actual truth, they apply to everyone without exception. How to define those truths that are actually true ?

Truth is that which cannot be changed

If I imagine that I win the lottery then I can also change the amount as I wish. This is not the truth. If I imagine that chorophylle is red then I can also imagine that it is orange or yellow. This is not the truth. If I imagine that a wall is made of vaccum then I can run very fast, hit my head to realize that the thing that populate the vaccum of the wall won't let me go through so easily.

The truth is that which we cannot change. I can destroy the wall. Then the truth goes like this : there was a wall and I destroyed it. I can rebuild the wall. The truth is that there was a wall, I destroyed itt and I rebuilt it. It is impossible to changer the fact that there was aw wall, that it has been destroyed then rebuilt.

Manipulators want us to believe that THE truth doesn't exist because they want us to believe what they see fit. Yet truth exists. Truth is immutable.

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