Definition of god

Searching into litterature and history, enables to find countless defitions for god. They all cause problems and are strongly tied to cultures. In spite of spiritual disappointment, I refuse to believe that we are hare just by chance. So how to define the thing that created life ?

When prehistoric humans were confronted to thunder, they used to bow down low, thinking that god was angry. One day someone found out that it was just a basic electromagnetic phenomenon, that could be reproduced in a laboratory. The notion of god evolved accordingly.

So this is my definition of god.

God is the unknown

What we know is within our reach. If we knew god then we woud be able to create life. That which we don't know is left to be discovered. God is what we don't know. In order to discover god we need to widen the range of knowledge, to discover gradually how to operate the world.

We can thus infer that all religions are blasphemous for they dictate what god is and what he orders to do. By "revealing" god's identity and will, religions prevent us from actually discovering it. Religions keep us from searching, discovering, evolving freely. To find god, we must get rid of religion and indulge wholeheartedly in science.

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