Black versus White?

Black is often seen as the opposite of white. Moreover black is often likened to the darkness and yet these 2 are totally different concepts.

What is black? Some say that it's a color, others say it's rather a property. Black absorbs all the light that it receives. It sends no light so its appearance is dark.

What is darkness? It's the absence of light.

Many observations derive from these definitions.

Darkness has nothing to do with black because light is required to perceive black, while the light destroys darkness. So the darkness is not comparable to black.

In the darkness, we see neither black nor white, both are imperceptible. In bright light, both can be seen. So black and white are not as opposed as one may think.

Black has something in common with darkness, while contempling them the eye doesn't perceive any light.

White also has something in common with darkness, they are both passive. Darkness is passively created by the obstacles that block the light, it is also passively destroyed when the obstacles are removed. White passively reflects all the light it receives, like a mirror. Only the surface is involved for both white and darkness.

Black is active. It absorbs light and generates heat among others. Black implies internal processes and not just a surface effect.

Countless of other observations can be made. Under these, it seems to me that black, white and darkness are parts of a trinity. They ask 3 fundamental and inseparable questions.


  • Darkness/Light raises the question of reception. What do I get? What do I miss?
  • Black raises the question of integration. What do I let come inside of me? What do I do with it?
  • White raises the question of transmission. What do I give? What do I keep?

I get from the outside, I integrate inside of me, I give to the outside. This Receiving>Integrating>Transmitting trinity comes as a great variety of more or less successful combinations :

Study > Assimilate > Teach

Deny > Distort > Hide

Search > Understand > Inform

See > Panic > Lie

Observe > Create > Innovate

Ignore > Believe > Blindly join

Experience > Interpret > React


Black transforms. White transmits. Both need light to operate. In darkness both are idle. All the things which surround us combine these 3 elements, so that we can perceive an infinity of shapes, colors and moves.

Black is usually linked with bad intentions, whereas white symbolizes the good inclinations. Such a symbolism doesn't make any sense from a natural point of view. It is even harmful, because it displays duality where there is a trinitarian mechanism. It makes us promote one concept and reject the 2 others, although the 3 of them are interdependent.

Therefore when I see godmen and godwomen who are permanently dressed in white, I wonder why they do so. I find it hard to believe that, just as if by chance, white is the favorite color of all those who are meant to step on the spiritual path. Are they are prisoners of their cultural conditioning? Do they want to manipulate our formatted emotions, with this cultural symbol of purity and divinity? Do they seek to reflect the energy of their devotees, without integrating what is projected on them?

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