The 7 colors

The rainbow hold 7 colors but they vary according to the representations, they are not always the same. Sometimes it is made of red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, violet. In other representations it is made of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Yet we can only see 3 primary colors namely blue, yellow, red. We can only perceive 3 secondary colors namely orange, green, violet.

So we are only aware of 6 colors, we miss a 7th one. In any standard rainbow the blue is shaded to obtain it. Why arbitrarily shading the blue hues? Why not shading the red or the green? Anyway shading a color to reach 7 is cheating.

Instead of cheating to get a wobbly representation, I prefer to refer to my favorite template, the trinitarian template. My template says that the combination of 3 basic elements implies the existence of 3 secondary elements and a central element. The central elements is the origin or the purpose. Where does the rainbow comes from?

In order to see a rainbow, we need a light source and transparent or reflective obstacles. By going throught or bouncing on the obstacles, the light diffracts, some colors are retained whereas others spread. Now this is my 7th color. It is darkness and light, it's black and white, it's all the colors together and no color at all..rainbow

This is my rainbow, it is made of 7 elements and I didn't cheat to get them. It is made of the 3 primary colors, the 3 secondary colors and a source of light and darkness. Without light the rainbow doesn't exist. Without darkness the rainbow doesn't exist.

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