The 3 senses

It is said that we have 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. A few details make me feel uncomfortable in this way of seeing things.

First of all, taste and smell operate so similarly that they almost seem to be the same sense. Molecules steming from an object come in contact with our body. The chemical reactions that occur allow us to identify the given substances. These 2 senses are so close that the smell of an object can enable us to guess its taste.

Moreover some things are missing. We see light with our eyes, we hear sounds with our ears. What about gravity ? Which sense allows us to feel the attraction that the earth exerts on our body ?

Our ears are fitted with an organ that indicates whether our body is well aligned with the direction of gravity. We can stand up straight thanks to this vital organ. The blind often sway from side to side to feel their position in space. So which sense do we use to feel the perpendicular balance ?

We can answer this question in bad faith. In fact touch is a kind of catch-all where we put everything and anything. Do we feel the softness of a silk sheet ? It's touch. Do we feel the heat ? It's touch. Do we feel the sound waves pulsing out of the speakers ? It's touch. Do we feel the earth's gravity ? It's touch. Do we feel the atmospheric pressure ? It's touch. Is an object heavy ? It's touch. When we are unable to classify something, we get rid of it saying that it is touch.

In order to avoid wandering around this maze of sensations, I have decided to use the matter-energy-conscience model to try to sort out the various types of stimuli that we are able to perceive.

forceSensory perception requires at least a stimuli to occur. According the basic schema there are 3 types of forces, thus 3 ways to produce stimulations for the senses : the physical force, the magnetic force and the chemical force.

It would be logical for our sensory organs to have the ability to catch the action of these forces. So instead of having 5 senses we rather have 3 types of sensitivity. We can simplify by saying that we have 3 senses cast over all our organs.

When molecules escape from a flower, the chemical sense allow me to smell its scent. When the wind blows, the physical sense allow me to feel its intensity, its temperature and to hear its noise. Mosdt stimulus operate these 2 sense. The imply a direct contact between the body and and the matter that emits or carry the stimulation.

The magnetic sense is mysterious. Many animals are able to detect the terrestrial magnetic field. We don't have this ability, we have almost no access to magnetism. We notice that this force enables objets to act each on others without any appearent contact. An object can thus modify the internal potential of another object.

Gravity is the only stimuli that we clearly catch in this cat├ęgory. The Earth attracts us, our whole body can feel it. The balance organ located in the ear uses the magnetic sense and the physical sens to determine the perpendicular direction. That's all. Are human beings flawed ?

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