The 3 elements

Teachers taught me at school that the world is made of 4 elements : earth, water, wind and fire. Later a 5th element joined in the list : ether. For many years I believed in this model with an uncomfortable feeling, an impression of imbalance. The matter can shift from the solid to the liquid state, from the liquid to the gaseous state, from the gaseous to the ether state. The matter can follow the chain downward and navigate from the ether state to the solid state. How to reach the fire state? Is fire a state?

Fire rather resembles an operation, a transformation. If I burn some water then it goes from the liquid state to the gaseous state. The fire even has a reverse operation which can undo what it has accomplished. Indeed condensation densifies the gaseous element, it then returns to the liquid state. Fire is not an element. It's an element's converter, it transforms an element to make it switch from a state to an other. The floor is not identical to the elevator. If the elementary states were floors then the operations would be elevators enabling to travel from floors to floors.

Do I have 4 elements left? Yes, but still my deep conviction moans and groans. It has the impression that water and wind are so alike that they belong to the same family. What kind of classification can I set with the following clues?

water - wind

The earth is mainly dense. When matter is in the solid state it is completely subjected to gravity. It cannot move on its own.

the water and the wind are in a fluid state. They are mobile and extensible. Their volume tends to rapidly spread in all the space available. A container is required to hold them otherwise they escape.

The ether is made of matter which elementary particles have undergone alterations. Such a matter irradiate emissions which can affect the surrounding matter. Those emissions can bring about a “change of identity”, instead of simply modifying its plasticity or its mobility. For a container to hold ether, it must have some specific properties in order not to be itself altered by this matter, which is capable of mutation.

3 elements, 3 possible states, 3 sets of qualities which combinations results in numberless qualities. The terms of the below drawing may not be appropriate but I miss appropriate words to express the way I see things.

3 elementsThe dense : the dense element holds a lot of matter compared to the amount of space that it occupies. The cohesion between its components is very strong, it is compact, static, inert. It is mainly subjected to gravity

The fluid : the fluid element tends to occupy as more space as possible. The cohesion between its components is weak. It takes advantage of any force to start moving. Without a container, it escapes and dissipates.

The radiant: the radiant element can emit or attract particles. It means that a part of its particles can escape, or it can sample particles from the surrounding matter. Its nature may be modified in the process. Like the conscience which shed light on things and conceptualize them, the radiant can "project" a part of itself on objects or "abstract" them inside of itself and thus be transformed. Its emissions/attractions can be permanent or triggered by external stimulations

The void : the dark matter, quantic energy, the All... no matter its temporary name. Everything emanate from a fundamental substratum, a substratum which potentially possesses all the manifestable qualities

Of course the objects that surround us can never be in an exclusive state. Each object results from the combinations of those 3 elements, just like all beings are a blend of matter-conscience-energy.

It seems logical to me to put the operations at the circles intersections. Those transformation forces enable to switch from state to state. These are the elementary operations which transform the elements.

transformations elementIn order to go from dense to fluid and back again we need physical transformation to strenghten ou weaken the elements cohesion.

The transition between dense and radiant is done by the chemical transformation. We need to change the elements nature to make them become radiant.

The magnetic transformation is the bridge between radiant and fluid. It changes the elements potential.

I consider that there are only 3 elements. One is dense and stable, the other is fluid and mobile, the last one projects itself and mutates. They are subjected to 3 elementary transformation forces, allowing them to switch from an elementary state to the other. The transformations as well as the elements, arise from the essential void. We always see 3 fundamental principles resulting in 7 of which 1 is transverse.

Fire is a special operation, implying physical, chemical and magnetic processes. Maybe that's the reason why it has been chosen to symbolize the 3 transformations. Water is a fluid that can appear to be as compact as earth under particular conditions. Maybe that's the reason why it has been considered as an element no its own. Anyway things look more logical to me this way.

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