The 3 directions of the body

It is widely admitted that the body is fitted with 6 facets in space. The 6 facets are the 2 possibles ways of the 3 usual directions which are the height, the length and the depth. I use the following naming convention, as far as the human body is concerned :

  • above / below = levels of the body
  • left / right = sides of the body
  • front / rear = faces of the body

The human body is thus shaped in 3 directions which are the level, the side and the face. It is kitted out with 6 ways which are the lower level, the upper level, the left side, the right side, the front face and the rear face. Is it possible to fit this shaping into the matter-energy-conscience model? It means giving a color to each direction as well as assigning a role to them.

3 directionsWhich direction can stand for the conscience? I decide that the face meets the required criteria. The main organs of sensory perception are located in front of the body. They enable us to direct ourselves and to acknowledge the world. The perceptions are indispensables to think, to make choices, to imagine solutions.

The back of the body is a tangle of powerful muscles supported by a robust spine. The front of the body perceives, the rear of the body withstands. This duo resemble the one formed by the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious is responsible for the automatic processes, so that the conscious is free from the tedious basic tasks. The conscious can then focus on activities which require some sophistication. It seems to me that the face plays a pilot's role

Which direction can stand for the energy? Without a hesitation I choose the level. On the lower part of the body we can find a pair of synchronized and symmetrical limbs which can be used to move, to play, to fight, to achieve all kinds of sports feats. On the upper part another pair of limbs enables others kind actions. It's less about moving the body but more about moving the matter, putting things in action, expressing concepts, materializing the creativity.

In order to walk, I lift my foot before putting it further on the ground. To throw an object, I must target the top. To erect a statue I pick the materials from the ground. The level is synonymous with action, force, dynamism, expression, achievement. It's an engine.

The side would then be matter? It seems logical given the fact that from a strictly geometrical point of view nothing differentiate between the right and the left, as it is the case for the 2 ways of the others directions. Only education and culture sets differences between the 2 sides of the body. Nevertheless the 2 sides are externally identical, this enable to use them in varied ways. Moreover it si difficult to only move only one side of the body. They do behave like inert matter, like a support waiting to be used.

The barycenter is the center point of the body, the one which is equidistant from all the parts. It is the gravity center, the mark that enable us to stand our body upright on earth

3 planesThe 2 ways are complementary within each direction. Their work is more efficient if they are harmoniously synchronized. The left complements the right so that the sides are balanced. The lower complements the upper to move freely at every level. The front complements the rear for the face to be vertically firm and to direct horizontally.

Each direction is cut in the middle by a plane which signals the 2 opposite ways

The sagittal plane separates the left side from the right side.

The frontal plane defines the front and the rear faces.

The transverse plane plane shows the upper and the lower levels.

By cutting each other 2 by 2, the planes draw axis. The 3 axis cross at 1 point. We have 7 elements namely 3 planes, 3 axis and 1 center.

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