The 3 capital sins

In the trinitarian model, 3 main zones intersect to form 7 areas. So it is very likely that the capital sins can be mapped accordingly. I wondered what could most hurt us in matter, in energy and in conscience.

  • What can harm us in matter, is to not be able to use it, it's powerlessness, it is being unable to act, it is the lack of structure that it brings. This can be summarized as: I can't. I use the word weakness to describe this sin.

  • What can harm us in energy, is to not go on, to not move, to not change, to stagnate. Usually, we don't move on when we dislike what is presented to us. This can be summarized by: I don't want. I use the word fear to describe this sin.

  • What can harm us in conscience, is the lack of information. Without knowledge we don't understand anything, it is difficult to assess, we are confused, we make irrelevant choices. This can be summarized by: I don't know. I use the word ignorance to describe this sin.

Matter is there but I can not use it, energy is there but I do not want to follow this movement, conscience is there but I do not know what it means. When we think about it, all our sufferings are more or less complex combinations of these 3 basic problems.

mec 3 sins

I am attacked in the street. I'm too weak to defend myself. I'm sick. What have I done to find myself in this health condition? There are troubles in the family. What decision to make? I have bills to pay. I don't have enough money, what to do? Something keeps me running from places of worship to spiritual groups. What am I looking for? I just got nervous, I abused someone I like. What happened to me? This person is smiling, but he makes me uncomfortable. How can it be? The alarm clock rings, I must get up. I don't want to get out of bed. I need to move this heavy cupboard. I am not strong enough. The mirror starts to show me wrinkles and white hair. I would like time to stop. I have an exam to pass. I don't have any answer to the questions. I like would put my favorite pants but I can no longer close the zipper. Hail will destroy my crops. There's nothing that I can do but attending the sad show...

What about anger? It is a hidden fear. When we don't want to acknowledge or accept our fear, we burst violently to reject what we don't want.

I can not - I do not want - I do not know

Everything that hurts us in life always comes from a combination of obstacles in matter, energy and conscience. Weakness, Fear, Ignorance. At the intersections, we can set an infinite number of solutions, runaways or fights. We can bury our head in the sand or open our eyes wide. We can collapse or harden ourselves. We can lie or lay bare. We can cheat or hold on to core values. We can compensate or work hard to find the roots of the problems ...

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