Sexual label

Men usually date women. There are some men who prefer men, we call them "Gay". Women who prefer women wanted to be visible in associations so we started talking about Gays and Lesbians. The people who like both men and women wanted to also be represented, so we adopted "LGB", adding "B" for Bisexual. Why not including Trans people as well? The acronym became "LGBT". But some people complained because they couldn't fit into any of these labels. So we add "Q" or "I" for "Questionning" , "Queer" or "Intersex".

G, LG, LGB, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTQI ... After a while I said to myself that in our effort to represent everybody, we will end up using all the letters of the alphabet. I think that it's a mistake to try to stick labels on everything. There is too much diversity, it requires billions of labels. It is better to identify the elements involved.

If I try to use the Matter-Energy-Conscience model in order to define sexuality then I can for instance apply the schema below.

mec sexualite

Orientation : who do I love? Men? Women? Both? No one? ...

Identity : what am I? A man? A woman? Both? None? Am I transitionning? ...

Feeling : what are my favorite practices? The list is endless ...

With this model, needless to spell all the letters of the alphabet. We can elaborate billions of labels, one label for each human being.

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