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Looking at what makes the modern world go round, I want to make cutouts along matter-energy-conscience, just to see more clearly. The options are many. The same elements can change positions when changing perspective. One of the cutouts raised my interest. The diagram below is not an absolute truth. I just wanted to determine what currently rules over the matter, energy and conscience of the Western world. Which gives most of the orders in these fields? Who decides? Who makes the law?


Science and technology rule the matter of the world. Science describes the world as it must be. Anyone who dares experiencing the world differently is necessarily a fool. Technology carves the world to bend to our constraints, our demands and whims.

Religion and economy rule the energy of the world. The economy dictates our tastes and colors for the present life. Religion dangles tastes and colors for the future life.

Politics and media rule the conscience of the world. The politics drive our collective existence and the media drive our collective thinking.

Many things can be placed at the intersections, I have chosen the following ones :

Modernity interactionsPolitics and religion provide each other with legitimacy. A long time ago, was religion in charge of legitimizing the political power. The leader was chosen by god and crowned by his prophets or his representatives. Nobody had the right to challenge the legitimacy descended from heaven. Nowadays, it is the opposite. Politics chooses which cults legally have the right to be religions. Spiritual currents without political legitimacy are considered as brainwashing cults.

Technology and economics work together for profit. Economy asks technology to produce innovations, preferably addictive, in order to reap as much benefits as possible. Technology races to keep on inventing more and more gadgets that are more or less useful, more or less harmful, but always for sale.

Science and media bring credibility to each other. A media which bases its information on science is necessarily serious, intelligent and interesting. A scientist who speaks in the media undoubtedly tells the truth and he is always right.

From another point of view, I would have ended up with completely different diagrams with the same elements. For example, if I wonder how these elements work, science becomes a blue, an element of conscience, because it is supposed to seek knowledge especially through observation and conceptualization. I could have put the industry as a link between technology and economy, but the world can not fit into a drawing, choices must be made. The schema may also vary because everything is composed of matter, energy and conscience. Thus for instance I can cutout technology.

Technology rules matter especially through medecine or pharmaceutical industry. These are techniques and tools to manipulate the human body.

Technology rules energy especially through marketing and advertisement. These are techniques and tools to manipulate the human emotions.

Technology rules conscience especially through computing and finance. These are techniques and tools to manipulate human concepts.It is with good reasons that banks prompt us to stop using chequebooks, coins, banknotes or gold. The more money is electronic, the more it becomes conceptual, the easier it is to handle and to multiply.

At the risk of shocking some of you, I think that the practices, rituals and ceremonies of the currels are technologies of energy and conscience. These are techniques and tools to manipulate the emotions and thoughts in order to reach for particular intense states. This allows to manipulate others or to manipulate oneself. This can be good, it can be used to heal, to overcome obstacles, to discover oneself, to master oneself ... This can also do harm, it depends on the intentions and context.

What about the elements which foster creativity? Let's take for example sport, philosophy and art. Nowadays, they have been absorbed respectively by technology, by the media and by the economy. Sport is no more beautiful at all. It is a fierce competition supported by doping chemicals. Philosophy decorates our newspaper with abstruse yet entertaining concepts while the philosophers play the stars for the tabloids. Art is formatted to be marketed on a global scale or to serve as spokesperson for the industry. Anyway the goal remains the same. It is about replacing the creativity with dreams for sale.

creativityprofitable dream

In a nutshell, everything is pushed towards materialism.

Materialism is to give more importance to the frame than the rest. Movements, identity, origin or purpose don't matter. Materialism is to look to the external manifestations of the phenomena rather than their internal operations or their causes. This leads to passivity. If you just look at the manifestation of phenomena, questions remain unanswered, ignorance and confusion set in. We stagnate in passive admiration of the manifestations like cows watching the trains going by without being able to do nothing but chew the nearby grass. We can even become slaves to phenomena.

The further study of the phenomena requires careful observation, it requires reflexion to extrapolate what cannot be seen, it requires experiment to check the conclusions. This brings understanding. When we understand, we can master and act. We can use properly or create unseen phenomena.

Some people believe that they have found the perfect solution by taking refuge in spirituality or religion. I think that this is a mistake or at least a vain runaway. It's about making binges of energy to compensate for the overdose of matter. I don't think that hiding an excess with another excess is beneficial. Drinking too much wine to forget that we have eaten too much, that is not the best solution.

Matter, energy, conscience should be harmoniously balanced.

None should dominate the other.

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