Scrutinizing the world is fine. What about me? Does my template can enable me to see a little clearer into myself? Let's give it a try. What are my matter, my energy and my conscience? The definitions that I give may be up for discussion, but I want to remind that I am not trying to give a universal definition of the human being. I just want to move forward and for that I need a reading template. Reading templates split the information therefore they are necessarily subjective. So I choose the following definition :

  • body = structured assembly of cells
  • mind = structured assembly of concepts
  • ego = structured assembly of tendencies

The tendencies are a unique assembly of inborn or learned attractions and repulsions. This original framework defines my personality and my behavior. It dictates what I move to, what I runaway from and what I fight. Mon ego determines the way that I use my body and my mind.


At the intersections, I feel like placing the tools that I use daily :

When my mind wants to submit my ego, it uses will
When my ego tries to convince my mind, it uses desire

When my body wants to communicate with my ego, it uses feelings
When my ego wants to influence my body it uses emotions

When my mind wants to pilot my body it uses imagination
When my body wants to report to my mind it uses sensations


In the middle, the spirit gathers my 3 components together and gives them life. It is the cause of my life. It has decided to incarnate this way and not another way. It keeps my elements together as one. The day when it will consider that it has done everything that it wanted to, it will move apart from the 3 components and my life will end.

From this point of view, a first problem shows. In daiy life, I clutch on my tendencies and this way of life is necessarily unbalanced. My ego sets my body and my mind in action to satisfy its own tendencies, without taking into account their interests or their safety.

The ego can require the body or mind to operate in a nonsensical way, even if it destroys them. Toxic habits, ignoring the limits, intoxication, excess, lacking, frenzy quest of pleasure, burrying the head in the sand, runaway from responsibilities, showing bad faith, believing in reassuring delusions... Usually it's about seeking the easiest solution, they are cheap and fast in the short term but harmful in the long term. Step by step, the mental abilities like senses, imagination, reflexion and memory shrink or enlarge out of mesure to obey the ego tendencies. The body can be suddenly damages, be worn out prematurely or destroy itself.

Tendencies are constantly moving, they can change their direction, way or intensity. Being centered on the ego makes living an unstable and insecure life, which sometimes lacks logic and relevance. The best thing to do is to be centered on the spirit but in the meantime, I can try to heal my ego to control the damages.

How to become centered on my spirit? The currels offer the path of total destruction. They say that matter is an illusion, mind is a liar, ego is always selfish, will and subconscious must surrender to god, feeling and sensations must be ignored by cultivating detachment, desires and emotions must be extinguished thanks to abstinences.

currel destruction

What remains in the middle of the smoking ruins of the general massacre? The spirit is the only one left. The goal has been reached but life is completely devastated. The currels promise a life of peace, wisdom and bliss in exchange for absolute obedience to these destructive rules. Is it true? Then why are the most religious countries of the world systematically plagued by war or social violence? Why are there so many lies, freedom deprivation, murders, tortures and mutilations in the name of god? The dogmas prompt to systematic self-destruction. If violence rules insidiously over life then it can tend to explode in anyone's hand for any reason.

I am sure that it is possible to discover my spirit by respecting my life, other people's life and the laws of nature. Findind the spirit is settling down at the center of the trinitarian assembly, it is the only true stability. Living this way necessarily implies changes in the mind, the ego and the body. This way of living doesn't require any effort to be maintained because it is not a state of consciousness, it is not an emotional state either, it's a concrete way to exist.

All this is nothing but theory, yet I personally believe it to be true. How to move into practice? I am searching...

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