Infinite resources

I feel that humanity should take the trees as examples to grow. The trees look like inverted humans. Their reproductive organs are at the top, ours are at the bottom. Their intestines plunge into the earth and their lungs stretch their leaves to the sky. For us, these organs are internal. Looking at a tree is like looking into a mirror. Everything is the same but reversed.

Recently I was thinking about the work. We must work to have a roof, to feed, to dress, to take care of us, to educate us, to entertain. We must waste our days doing stressful, uninteresting, repetitive or harmful things, to have the right to live. Those who are unable to work are weakened. Employers are trying to drive down wages and increase their profits, while employees try to work as little as possible. The population demands lower prices and higher wages, it's impossible because the profits are used to pay the salaries. The leaders pile up such heaps of wealth that one life is not enough to spend it all, while others lack the vital minimum. What is this all about?


Isn't it silly? The rich, just as the poor, cannot do anything but consume according to his means. One will consume a lot, the other will consume a little. That's it. But let's be careful! Over-consumption pollutes the environment, it depletes the natural resources and it can even put the health at risk. On the other hand, poverty blocks access to education. It can put social life or even physical life in danger. Such a system is bound to fail. What does the mirror say? How do trees manage to thrive?

The trees are doing well because their life depends on infinite resources. They don't depend on each other to live. They can pump water, air, minerals and light in abundance. In exchange, they produce all kinds of wonders according to their means : solid wood, delicious fruits, fragrant flowers, sweet sap, medical remedies, moisture, shade, oxygen... Trees don't work in closed circuit. They don't consume the fruits of each others respective efforts. On the contrary, their circuit is open. They feed in the mineral kingdom, to feed the animal kingdom. Their resources are infinite, just like their productions. What they absorb allows them to live and to produce enough to feed, protect and rejoice the species from more advanced kingdoms.

Let's note something important. The tree constantly feeds on mineral salts dissolved in water. The food of the tree consists in the subtle productions of the mineral kingdom. It absorbs some round the clock and grows non-stop until its life ends. The tree never allows itself to be discouraged by obstacles. The small blade of grass is capable of breaking concrete, not by nastiness but rather to find the air and light that it needs to grow.

What if we apply this scheme to the human kingdom?

First, I think that it is absurd to work to have the right to live. Life is a birthright. Everyone should have in abundance everything he needs to live. Being required to provide goods and services to our neighbor to be able to afford for our basic needs is against nature.

Second, I notice that the mineral kingdom feeds the plant kingdom, the plant kingdom nourishes the animal kingdom. I am sure that if the human actually occupied the place it is supposed to have, we would mainly feed on the subtle productions of the inferior kingdoms, especially those of the animal kingdom, just as the tree is fed by minerals. These subtle foods would be free, abundant, infinite, they would flow in us constantly, like sap rising constantly in the tree.

Third, I think that it is unhealthy to live in our stiffling industrial bunker. We work to produce goods and services that are consumed by our neighbors. We also consume goods and services produced by our neighbors. The energy circulates in a closed circuit. It is as if a single plumbing pipe went around our house. The bathroom water would arrive directly into the kitchen, while the kitchen water would arrive in the bathroom. Isn't it disgusting? We must draw the water out of our home to have a sanitary supply. The waste water has to come out of our house to be purified. Similarly, we should not work for the human race but for the kingdoms higher than the human race.

Every being has rights and duties. The human being has the right to live. What about the duty? I don't think that his duty is to be the servile slave of god, to sacrifice to save the poor or to be exploited by the rich. All kingdom is fed by inferior kingdoms to serve the superior kingdoms. There is no reason why the human should escape the rule. This matter-energy-conscience schema sums up the system.

endless resourcesThe body is maintained, protected, warmed up, entertained, delighted, instructed by infinite nourishments. They circulate constantly. The food flow can not be stopped, so it must find an outlet.

This gives way to an abundant life energy. Everything is implemented continuously to develop life in all its aspects. Even overwhelming obstacles are faced with courage and confidence for life to keep on unfolding at any cost.

The purpose of this system is inter-kingdoms utility. Each kingdom uses the inferior kingdoms to be helpful to the superior kingdoms. The reigns thus form a huge chain which extent cannot be measured.

The system is created and controlled by the laws of nature. All animate and inanimate beings are subjected to them.

When feeding on subtle productions of the inferior kingdoms, there is no more rich nor poor, for a permanent supply cannot be stored and cannot be missing. It is the limits that create wealth and poverty. Limited resources are limitable, ie we can direct them where we want, accumulate them or lose them. Thus, some can have too much, while others are deprived.

In the natural legal functioning, possessions or lackings are not used to determine the value of a being, it is rather its productions. What it products depends on what it is. For instance, we don't look at the water and mineral salts that a tree consumes to evaluate it. We look at what it gives. What it gives depends on its nature. Not only its production can delight the body, the heart and the mind, but it also reveal to us its deep identity.

One may answer to me that nature is not as idyllic as that. Some insects munch their fellows, some predators devour small animals, even plants can be carnivorous. This is normal. When there are laws, there are always exceptions that do not fit into the provided predefined patterns, there are always ambitious beings who use their power to dominate others, there are always crafty ones who display duplicity to deceive others. It is normal that this happen this way. Life is constant mouvement. If there were only laws, then life would flow monotonically, it would be akin to stagnation.

It is normal that there are laws and then plenty of hotheads who try to escape the rules, to impose their will or to use the mechanisms in an original or unexpected way. Those who obey the law, keep the world in balance. Those who push the boundaries make it move, they can cause disorder or innovation. Nature is not synonymous with absolute goodness. For me, nature is synonymous with law.

Sometimes the trees are attacked by parasites. These are organisms that gnaw on the tree without producing anything in return except ugliness. Their greed is such that they end up killing the tree. The death of their host means they may die. Eating, stuffing, making binges, pigging out, gobbling, nothing can quench their vile greed, not even the fear of suicide.

This is how our societies are currently letting parasitism proliferating in humanity. Our lifestyles are based on blackmail. Our cultures require work to provide food. All aspects of life are subjected to tolls. We look with fear at the moment when we will have to pay for the right to breathe. The way in which we now live is harmful and silly. We have transformed the planet into an unhealthy stinking factory which industrially breeds vultures. The vulture always tries to stuff itself while giving as less as possible. The vulture indulges in working if it is sure that it will bring maximum benefits for minimum investments.

To get out of this mess, I think that it is useless to reform such a thing, prohibit such other and allow its opposite. We must evolve. Humanity must find a way to feed physically, emotionally and mentally in an infinite way. If the boundaries disappear, so do inequalities. Something tells me that the beings under our domination would applaud this reform with all their paws. What about those who dominate us?

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