Half empty or half full?

I am often accused of being negative because when everything seems to go perfectly, I continue to ask questions, some of which can ruin the enjoyment. It is true that I have trouble to just enjoy what's there. But on the other hand, I feel that all people enjoy everything and anything, without trying to avoid the potential pitfalls that may be hiding under the apparently good opportunity.

It is better to see the glass half full in everyday life, for a very simple natural reason. When we see the glass half full, we hope that it will fill a lot more. We are supported by a focused and inspiring motivation. By cons when we see the glass half empty, we are afraid that it continues to empty. We can be tempted to get discouraged or to do everything and anything to avoid the disaster. Attraction leads somewhere while repulsion by fear or anger leads anywhere and nowhere. We may wander in vain or get lost. Seeing the glass half full draws us toward a goal that we like: to fill it more. Seeing the glass half empty repels us away from a possibility that we dislike: to completely empty it. It is more efficient to move towards what we love rather than runaway from what we hate.

I like to see the glass half full. I want to move on so I firmly grasp the slightest thing that can help me to advance. But I prefer to make sure that there won't be further dramatic consequences. I want to avoid the illusions that hurt when they vanish. I want to avoid the huge bills that abruptly put an end to joyful parties. I check, I'm wary, therefore I am accused of seeing the glass half empty. This is not true. This conclusion comes from the fact that we are used to seeing the world in a binary way : "the glass is half full, she doesn't jump for joy then it means that she sees it half empty". It's wrong.

In fact, the half full glass is not enough to trigger explosions of me joy in me. In addition to checking the quantity in my glass, I ask myself 2 other questions:

  • quality: what is the glass filled with?
  • need: what would do me good?

My glass

My glass is half full. Great! With what? Salt. What do I need? I'm thirsty. Is there any reason to celebrate?

My glass is half full. Fantastic! With what? Chocolate chunks. What do I need? I'm hungry but my liver is fucked up. Wouldn't it be better to be cautious?

Seeing the glass half full is the best thing to do, provided that its content really makes me feel good, in the long term if possible.

The glass can be half filled with bad things. It's pretty dramatic, especially if we have no choice and we are forced to be content. If the glass is filled with good things then the next question awaits us. Is it good for me?

The glass can be filled with good things that bring me nothing because I need something else. This is not so serious. I may only have frustration, it doesn't prevent me from enjoying what I have. The glass can also be filled with good things that are harmful to me because of my current condition. This calls for caution, because I might get in trouble, that can eventually be irreversible.

In order to do me good, the glass must be sufficiently filled, its content must be good, it has to fill my gaps and respect my limits. If the quantity is motivating but one of the 2 other conditions is not satisfied then it is better to think carefully. Maybe I can enjoy thoroughly, maybe I can consume in moderation, maybe it is better to refrain, maybe I have no choice.

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