In 2013 all my beliefs suddenly collapsed, almost overnight. I slipped in total void, in a depression and I thought I would never be able to overcome it. Everhings seemed absolutely fake to me. I browsed the internet with frenzy, hoping to find a clue, anything to hold on to.

That's when I discovered The Kybalion which has since become my bedside book. Most of the concepts that it developps seem meaninful to me.

I have been obsessed by this book day and night. It changed my worldview so that I ended up developping my own reading template to observe life. I called it the Matter-Energy-Conscience template or the trinitarian template, sometimes I shorten it as matenco.

This section gathers some of the readings that I've been able to perform thanks to this template.

Emotional engines

why are there more negative emotions than positive ones?

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a key to try to understand why we don't master it

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a mysterious discipline seen through the simple prism of the Matter-Energy-Conscience model

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The inhumans

if we cannot destroy them, it is safer to avoid them

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Social dictatorship

What wold humanity look like if our actions were only bounded by common sense ?

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Sexual label

it is so complicated that maybe we need a label for each person

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my 666

not more evil than imperfection

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Kaleidoscopic explosion

nice but not suitable for epileptic people

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Trinity and duality

the world as I see it is trinitarian, duality is just a detail of trinity

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The 3 capital sins

if we identify them properly, it is easier to overcome them

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The tarot

my personal explanation for the suit cards

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Half empty or half full?

it is important to carefully observe my glass

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The 7 colors

no need to cheat to find 7 of them

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The 3 elements

the 5 elements theory looks unbalanced to me

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