Protecting oneself from electricity

I need to protect myself from electricity. I'm not electrosensitive but I'm on the slippery slope that leads to this condition. Some flat screens make my face and my respiratory tract dry, sometimes it burns my facial skin as if I had a sunburn. When I am excessively exposed to electricity, my digestion goes haywire, food sometimes takes over 8 hours to leave my stomach to go on its way. I don't know if it's because of electricity or something else but I have tinnitus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a kind of noise like sand pouring. Sometimes I also hear whistling sounds. When I'm really too exposed, I begin to suffer from fatigue and muscle weakness.

So I protect myself for the symptoms to not worsen. I unplug all appliances that I don't need. My cell phone is always offline and turned off in another room when I sleep. The best protection that I have is my copper cable. It is planted in the garden soil and I wrap my body with it to sleep, in direct contact with my skin. Thanks to it, I can finally sleep a whole night after suffering from insomnia for 33 years of my life. I am always tired, I need more than 10 hours of sleep but at least I sleep and this is a real revolution for me, a feat that I never thought to be possible.

But how to do at work? My current job is ... computing! When I eat at noon, food still sits heavily in my stomach at night, sometimes I even feel as if the food would come out. In an organic fair, I've been tempted by a plug-in protection. It is a kind of carpet with a power cable. It is meant to be set on a chair and plugged into the grounding of a power outlet. Of course the power outlet must be probed, its grounding must absolutely be good. I was very glad, I was finally about to perform my working days with poise.

At first, everything was fine. Gradually, I became increasingly nervous. I put it down to work-related stress. And then my digestion got worse. I told myself that I was eating too much, I reduced the amount of food. After a moment I could not bear anything but raw fruits and vegetables for lunch, the rest couldn't fit in. And then one day, I vomited. That's when I began to question the junk that was supposed to protect me. I had been using it for 3 weeks, I was supposed to feel better and better, not worse and worse. I unplugged the carpet, and I immediately started to feel calmer.

I thought that maybe the plug-in carpet was bullshit and that if I could plug myself directly to the grounding, it would relieve me from electricity, as I do at night. So I bought a copper cable and a electric socket. I removed the metal struts and connected the cable to the grounding of the socket, then I stripped the other end of the cable. The next day, I plugged my socket to the grounding of a plug at work and I slipped the stripped end of the cable into my sock, discretely under the desk. I was very proud of me. Then I felt a tickle in my foot, then thrill in my intestines, then nervousness for no reason and when I had a spasm in the stomach, I understood. I unplugged everything, with much sadness.

I understood that the plug's grounding has nothing yo do with the actual ground. I had probed the plug with the small outlet tester unit and with a lightening screwdriver. From an electrical point of view, the grounding of the power outlets are perfect. But a from a biological point of view, it is a disaster to hope releasing anything through it because there's a kind of very fine electrical activity in the outlet. Trying to "protect" oneself this way can be very dangerous for health. Only healthy people can withstand this kind of "protection" without experiencing any major inconvenience.

Indeed we must keep in mind that we are not equal before electricity. It's like food, sun, pollen or gluten, we do not all have the same level of tolerance or intolerance.

I once read in a newspaper the story of a woman. She wad leading a quiet life, when she suddenly became severely electrosensitive on a Christmas day. Her life became a real hell, she had to spend € 300 per month on drugs to relieve the symptoms. She said that on that day, lots of electronic gifts were offered, laptops and touchpads were given as gifts. This excess of electricity made her sick. But I ask myself questions. How is it that other members of her family were fine? Children are supposed to be more fragile than adults. Why does no child became sick on that Christmas day?

Our condition lays the bed for the disease. Nervousness lays the bed for electrosensitivity. Our body is fitted with a huge network of nerves where electrical impulses run, our heart is magnetic, our brain is electric. If our internal network is overloaded by the vagaries of life then it is unable to manage the electromagnetic interferences coming from outside. Protecting oneself from electricity is largely insufficient. It is just a compensation to temporarily contain the damages. The real substantive work is to heal one's own nervousness.

I remember that there was a time when I was able to sleep at night like everyone else. And then I had a series of emotional shocks. From that moment, I became unable to sleep before 3am or 5am, my sleep was fragmented, I had to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom, I used to toss and turn in bed because I had the body and mind gnawed by some unknown tickles. When the alarm was ringing in the morning, my heart was racing, I was dizzy, my ears were blocked and I had nausea due to lack of sleep. I was feeling like crying when I was thinking that I had to go to school, to university, to work, although I was stunned and exhausted. Since I sleep with my copper wire sunk into the ground, I need about 1 hour to fall asleep and I sleep continuously.

So my experience tells me that the electrosensitive people mainly suffer from nervous overload. Protecting oneself from electricity only is a vain runaway. It is mandatory to heal oneself in parallel for the body to become resistant again, to relieve the nervous system in order to manage external aggressions. Our body is our only permanent home. We live inside of it until the end of our life. As no one knows what the future holds, it is better to have a solid house. It is better to have a body as most adaptable and most resistant as possible, to face the adverse weather conditions of life.

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