Mistreatment of black hair

Why an article about hair? Because it is there everyday. If a daily something goes wrong then the life is slightly impeded each day. Therefore, it is better to alleviate it as much as possible.

My mother is african, my father is european, so I have mixed hair. It means unmanageable hair, very dry, very thin, very curly, which becomes blond under the sun rays. When I was a little girl, my mother insisted that I let my hair grow. I was only dreaming of having them cut by the hair-dresser, since long hair was the guarantee of endless sufferings. Long combing sessions were painful, no matter if it was done using a brush or a comb. Without any exaggeration, it was taking more than three quarters of an hour to comb all the hair. Once finished, the locks were back at the slightest move, with the slightest breeze

Later I did like everyone else, I conditioned my hair. But these chemicals products are extremely aggressive, they can cause severe burns on the scalp and cause hair loss in the long term. I also tried the braids but it damages the thinest hair. They gradually disappear, causing a partial baldness on the neck, temples and above the forehead. Naomi Campbell is a typical example.

avantWhen I became financially independent, I started looking for the perfect shampoo. I could not believe that nature had cursed me for the rest of my life. I once heard an esthetician interviewed on radio saying that the marketed shampoos are not suitable for black hair. I truly believed her and wanted to find the perfect solution.

I started by trying the softer-than-mega-soft shampoos, then I switched to the organic-hyper-ultra-soft. Unsuccessfully. No comb could go through my hair, the brushes were losing their teeth within a few weeks, disentangling my hair was always drawing tears out of me for 3/4 of hours, in the morning my head was flat on one side, bristling on the other side, when I was diving into a swimming pool, I was going out of the water with dry hair. Yes, black hair is so compact that even water hardly penetrates inside! When you want to wash them, you have to really insist to wet them. As incredible as it may sound, even the wind barely succeeds in blowing in this hair entanglement.

pendantThen I tried homemade recipes, using vinegar, beer, egg yolk with oil drops, essential oils, herbal infusions, oil baths ... Being embarrassed on a daily basis slowly wears out the nerves. So when I was going through particularly difficult times, I was compelled to shave my head. I was relieved, feeling lighter, I could freely breathe without this stifling mass over my head. I couldn't understand why nature had cursed the black people to suffer in such a basic domain. I was desperate.

That's when I came across the ayurvedic products. I first used soap nuts. They were drying my hair, but it was less curly. A good start. Then I discovered the shampoo powders, consisting in dozens of plants. Simply add water before using. My hair started to display a good shape. It was a little less curly, more flexible, softer, a little less dry. I was on the right track. For the first time in my life, I let my hair grow for more than 2 years, a real record!

But I was sure that it was possible to do better. By studying the composition of powders, I ended up developing my own formula. I've been using it for 4 months and I'm finally happy. Instead of having problems on my head, I just have hair, like everyone. When I wash my hair, the comb browses quietly, I still have a few locks but untangling them takes me 5 minutes at most. Last month, I was at the swimming pool for the first time in years. I jumped into the water and emerging I said: "Wow, there's something weird". My hair was completely wet! After a single dive? It is true. Shampoos are a real disaster for black hair.

aprèsThat's what I look like today. Woe to those who dare saying they see no difference!!! My hair has been growing for 3 years, quietly, breaking the record. I'm over with the porcupine head. I'm done with the feeling of having dressed my hair by pluging my fingers into an electric outlet. My shampoo is simple:

Soap nuts decoction

A lime

A large piece of ginger

After cleaning the ginger and peeling the lime, I cut them into small pieces. I put them in a blender with a bowl of water. When it's all mashed, I filter the blend to discard the pulp and add the soap nuts juice. From time to time I also add plants such as nettle or horsetail, essential oils or an egg... I rub the hair and massage the scalp with this mixture before rinsing. That's it. No oil, no hair conditioner, no smoothing, nothing. When the wind blows, my hair flies in all directions, before coming back nicely at its right place. Despite its size, I can even run my fingers through my hair and feel my scalp, miracle! I found some more efficient formulas later.

The soap nuts cleans and slightly conditions the hair. The lemon disinfects and softens the hair. The ginger cleanses, softens and stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. And with all of these, my hair is super happy, so am I. When I'm not at home, I use pure soap nut. I carry a small bottle of decoction in my luggage. I sometimes use it as my skin soap and to wash my dishes.

Those who have never had any problems with their hair will probably smile and say that I worry for trivialities. Remove this idea from your head as quickly as you can. This hair issue seems important to me. African hair is really heartbreaking. Who is to blame? Religience tells us that it is normal, it's natural, it's genetic. So being black is a natural source of problems? The official speeches tend to falsely denigrate african people.

These hair issues allow to make statements which sound like natural or a divine curses: "Your hair is unmanageable? That's because you're black. God created you this way". No! Enough with bullshit. Actually it is the use of aggressive products wich renders hellish the care of african hair. Human stupidity curses black people. I don't know which effects my recipe would have on other types of hair. At least I am absolutely sure that there is an appropriate solution for everyone. It is possible to discover them when we stop believing in the stigmatizing scientific speeches.

This reminds me of the currels dogmas : "Are you suffering? It is because of your sins. That's because you moved away from God. It's because of your ego. It's because of your karma...". It's always because of us but it's never because of the society's aberrations.

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