Here is another product that saved my life when I was desperately in need. I am very nervous. So nervous that my jaw often tense up, especially when I sleep. Living a whole life lived this way necessarily brings unpleasant consequences. My neck and my back were aching. Since several years I was feeling hard and painful swollen balls under my ears, at the junction of the jaw and the skull.

I knew that the anti-inflammatory products couldn't help me. In case of inflammation I use Wintergreen essential oil. But this was a case of nerve problem. I was looking for a natural decontracturing product to relax the muscles and limit the damage from the overflowing nerve activity. There are chemical relaxants. The only time that the doctor prescribed me one, all people around me were scared because it put me in a state of generalized muscle weakness. Everyone advised me to stop the treatment immediately. What to do?

One fine day, as I was asking for advice in a store, I was told to use marjoram essential oil. I was doubtful. I sometimes use marjoram when I cook. If it was a relaxant, I would know it. But the saleswoman was so convinced that I decided to try. In the evening, I massaged my neck and jaw with pure essential oil. Such wonder!

It felt so good that I spread pure essential oil all over my body every night. I emptied the bottle within a week! I know it's not good. It is better to dilute essential oils in vegetable oil to avoid burning the skin or intoxication. But after years of suffering, I was so happy to be relieved that my euphoria swept away all caution.

The painful swollen balls under my ears almost disappeared within a few weeks although they had been there for more than 20 years. I'm cautious again now. I have a small bottle of coconut oil in which I have poured marjoram and lavender essential oils. Whenever I feel a nervous pain, I massage myself with this mixture. Magical. Essential.

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