Ladanum-bearing cistus

Sometimes when we buy products in an organic fair or in a store, we must make intense efforts and show a lot of goodwill to believe in their effectiveness. And then there are exceptional products. The Ladanum-bearing cistus is one of them.

I discovered the floral water by chance. It has a quite incredibly efficient property, it stops bleeding in seconds. I often hurt myself so it has become my ally in everyday life. When I get hurt, I just have to put a few drops of cistus hydrolate on the wound and I gently massage. The blood stops flowing in less than 10 seconds.

I also drink some because it helps regulate sebum production. I pour a teaspoon of hydrolate in a bottle of water and drink throughout the day.

I have also prepared a little bottle filled with 3 essential oils : tea tree, lavender and ladanum-bearing cistus. I use this blend to disinfect my wounds, even the old ones, they heal faster.

It's magic, I cannot do without it.

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