Copper, my savior

Whenever I see an object made of pure copper, I feel the need to buy it. I try hard to calm down and get away as quickly as possible. My bank account is very grateful to me for this, but not so much, because I do have a many copper objects at home.

Apparently this metal has therapeutic virtues. It is especially used as anti-inflammatory patches, which are sold in pharmacies. Sometimes I wear copper bracelets, it lift me from I-dont-know-what. Sometimes I can not wear them because I feel a kind of saturation and wearing these bracelets causes unpleasant itchings in my body. Sometimes I do copper water diet. I leave the water in a copper bowl for the whole night and in the morning I drink it. The bowl must be very clean to avoid intoxication through the metal oxidation. Recently I found an even more remarkable use.

First, a brief summary to explain the context. I'm an insomniac since the age of 5. I'm never tired at night, I have to discipline myself, to keep an eye on the watch for me not to go to sleep too late. When I forget to watch the clock, sometimes I go to bed at 9pm. I am very tired during the day and full of energy at night. My sleep is dotted and very deep. I mean that I am alternately very awake and deeply asleep throughout my sleep.

Teas, hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, psychotherapy, massage, yoga, autogenic training, magnetism ... Nothing has succeeded. I've never tried the sleeping pills. The escholtzia and lantana camara infusions knock me out for 3 hours, then I wake up suddenly with the total inability to sleep again. A session of geobiological harmonization had the same effect on me. I was going to bed before midnight, I was sinking into a sudden and deep sleep, I was waking up abruptly at 5am. But it only lasted a few weeks.

I got more and more tired in time, especially because I had to stick to the rythm of the social life, to respect the schedules of school, college, high school, university and office. I was forcing myself to go to bed before 1am but I was lying awake until 5am or 6am. When the alarm was ringing in the morning, I was feeling nauseous. I needed about 2 hours to get rid of this feeling. The inability to sleep in the evenings and the tensions of the day exhausted me. During 5 years, I was part of a spiritual movement. Instead of easing my burden, this experience took my last drops of energy away. I was really burnt out. What to do?

A first discovery slightly relieved me. By Reading the book "The electricity fairy" written by the french independant reporter Annie Lobe, I realized that electrical appliances are as harmful for health as air pollution and food toxins. By adopting some of the measures she recommends in her book, my sleep became less agitated. Before going to bed, I unplug as many devices as possible, I have put a plexiglass sheet in front of my computer's screen, I have put cotton tablecloths under my devices, I sleep in total darkness. These measures have reduced my level of nervousness. But I was still tired in the morning.

At this point a miracle solution came to save my life. In a fair, dedicated to alternative practices, I learned that the electricity accumulated in the body can be discharged by touching a metal wire connected to the grounding of a proper electrical installation. Eureka! My appartment is at the ground floor, what a bargain!

What's more conductive than copper? I rushed to a DIY store to buy a 40 feet copper cable (€ 4). As soon as I arrived home, I stripped the two ends of the cable and buried one end deeply in the garden's soil. I unrolled the cable through the window of my room and every night I "wrap" myself with the it, so that my skin is in direct contact with about 9 feet of bare copper. And it worked. Being plugged into the ground by a copper cable discharges me from the electricity that I accumulate during the day, so that it's easier for my body to regenerate itself when I sleep. For about 4 months, I have been tired at 11pm, I have been to bed and been sleeping quite well, I was waking up around 8am, fresh as a rose. A true miracle! Me? Yawning for sleep in the evening and being up at 8am without an alarm clock? I was ecstatic! It had never happened in my whole life.

But sleeping with a cable is not careful. There is a small risk of accidental strangulation. The wire is also likely to cut the bloodstream. So I bought a copper sheet and passed the cable in its meshes, to connect it to the ground. Curiously, my sleep shifted again, but the nervousness and fatigue are gone. I still go to bed at dawn, I don't wake as much as before and I wake up in good shape, I'm relaxed during the day. When I use the cable, I make a coil and slip it under my cloths, to avoid accidents. When I use the sheet, I put it on top of me, so that my skin is in direct contact with the copper meshes.

Finally I sold the sheet. It degraded my state more than anything else. I think the copper meshes are not all interconnected so that the sheet, even plugged to the ground, is likely to attract electromagnetic waves, like a radio or TV antenna. The copper wire has become the constant companion of my nights. I don't roll it as a coil anymore because it makes a mini magnet of low intensity. I just roll it around my legs so that it remains far from my throat.

This copper cable has really saved my life. When you are tired to the point of not even being able to think, you really want to put an end to your life. I am relieved. Even though my sleep is unusual again, my mood is good, my energy level is high. After 33 years of disastrous sleep, I would have never thought that a simple copper wire could bring so valuable improvements.

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