Baking soda

I have been using baking soda for several years among other for house cleaning. Combined with vinegar, it efficiently replaces the products to clean the sink, the bathroom, the floor ... It removes grease from oily dishes. I often use it to clean up small bottles of essential oil when they are empty. I polish my copper objects with it. I always take edible soda, to not be limited in my use. It's convenient to swallow a small teaspoon in case of heartburn.

I wanted to use it to brush my teeth but I tried once, just enough to scream out of pain and never do it again. In fact, my mouth is filled with dental prostheses. It seems to me that baking soda turns saliva into an electrolyte. With the metal of the prostheses, it was giving some kind of electric shocks in my gum. Painful. I had to give up. For want of a better solution, I brush my teeth with white clay.

I tried once in the hair. I quickly gave up too. Hair likes acidity while baking soda is very alkaline. A disaster!

In short, we can do a lot of stuff, tips and tricks abound. But there is a specific use that I have recently discovered, a use that I would have never thought about.

I had never dared to use it on the skin. Seeing the effect it has on the dishes, I thought it was too stripping and that it might damage my skin. And then in an organic fair, I heard a lecturer say that we could wash our skin with baking soda. It is true that unlike hair, skin prefers neutral or alkaline products. So I decided to make a test out of curiosity.

Well it's magic. I've always had major skin problems, including stubborn acne. After months of baking soda instead of soap, my skin breathes better, I have less inflammation and excess sebum, my pores are unclogged. I was a little dubious when I started and now I can't do without it.

Just take a little bit of powder in the palm of your hand, pour a little bit of water on the powder, rub your 2 hands as you would with a cream, then rub a part of your body, and take a little bit of powder, and so on. It removes the grease, it removes the dirt and grime, it removes germs, the small grains are a scrub that removes dead skin... in short, it cleans better than any scrub. Maybe we can do that with a washcloth, personally the small grains are enough to clean myself.

Of course there is a little time to adapt. At the beginning the skin is a bit sensitive, especially on the face, baking soda can make a warm sensation and the small grains can irritate slightly. I almost stopped at that point, thinking that I was damaging my face skin, anyway I chose to keep on going because after the shower, my skin was soft. After a month and a half the skin adapts, it becomes permanently soft, supple, without being dry, without being greasy either.

As for the teeth they are usually damaged by acid attacks. Therefore an alkaline substance is the best protection against tooth decay. I was very sad to not be able to brush them with baking soda. I have insisted a little bit to find a solution. I mix baking soda with white clay. My teeth are clean and I have no gum pain. I mix 9 table spoon of white clay and 1 tea spoon of baking soda. I put this blend on my toothbrush. With the saliva it makes a paste as thick as toothpaste so I can brush my teeth with it.

I like this blend so much that I also wash my skin with it now. It has become my official soap. And if you think that it is hazardous then remember that soap is made of caustic soda, partially neutralized by oil. Something tells me that oil is not the cleasing agent, so washing with an alcaline edible substance is not as weird as it seems.

In order to craft my soap I mix 9 table spoon of white clay with 1 tea spoon of soda in a glass jar. I pour spring water so as to make a liquid paste. I use this like a shower gel. Its a pure wonder on the skin.

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