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I feel like lies are everywhere around us so I shout this little Frenglish raging cry in the digital ocean, in order to raise questions, hoping them to be actual and constructive.

Lately in MEC

Social dictatorship

What wold humanity look like if our actions were only bounded by common sense ?

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Sexual label

it is so complicated that maybe we need a label for each person

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my 666

not more evil than imperfection

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Kaleidoscopic explosion

nice but not suitable for epileptic people

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The 3 senses

and that way, none is missing

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Lately in Nature

The hallucination ability

Hallucinations are a pathology in psychiatry. Is it as harmful as it is made out to be ?

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Human power

any other kind of power only brings devastating frustration

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in which way is it important to respect beliefs?

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what are the masculine and the feminine?

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Lately in Experience


I have wondered for a long time why I was feeling like shampoo is a poison. Maybe the answer is so obvious that we don't see it.

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Dear White People

more than a movie, a phenomenon!

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one more magic essential oil for the hot-headed

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Lately in World

Deadly peace

why do many nations have chosen to give up gradually on violence that used to prevail in ancient times ?

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we will have to way a little while for democracy

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Fake terrorism

what is the purpose of the "terrorists" who currently go after innocent civilians ?

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The crime of Jesus

when the police comes to arrest someone, it is not in vain. Some crime must have been committed in relation to law

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The missing leg

a careful look shows that man is not necessarily superior, woman is not necessarily inferior

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Holy hellReleased in November 2013

The long-awaited book by Gail Tredwell is finally available for sale online.

For 20 years, she has been nicknamed "Gayatri, Amma's shadow".



A website dedicated to the hidden side of Amma has been recently made. It is called ETW (Embezzling The World).